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    When apps are efficient, task-focused and mission-driven, your users can achieve their goals more quickly.

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    Intuitive and easy to use. We simplify complexity and ensure your app has exactly what your users need.

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    Win the hearts of your clients. Rossul develops appealing and intuitive apps that people simply love using.

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    We keep costs down. Our deep understanding of the development process enables us to design apps that cost less to bring to market.

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  • Rossul Design is a “Master Artist”. We had project that we were really struggling with and requested Rossul’s help out of sheer desperation. He really showed passion for the project, was fun to work with and brought many fresh ideas to the table. Overall the end product was very different from what we requested but a 1000…

    Daniel Niasoff Director at IntelliworkSpace Ltd
  • We approached rossul design with the project and just from the first consultation alone we knew that Elia Kanaki of Rossul Design was the man and firm that would take our company on-line. They really understood what we were trying to achieve but more importantly, they knew how to go about and implement it. We…

    Simon Bukai Vista Health Solutions
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rossul on a number of high profile web projects for our clients. He is highly knowledgeable and understands the fundamentals of good design and how to apply it for outstanding results. He continually meets or exceeds my expectations. Hiring Rossul for your next project is a sure bet…

    Jonas Lood Prescient Digital Media
  • Rossul has a masterful way of translating technical and branding requirements into creative, attractive and eye catching website designs. Rossul has delivered great results time and time again.

    Cathy McKnight PMPSenior Consultant at Prescient Digital Media
  • We have been working with Rossul for over 5 years and when it came to the design of our signature product PC Matic, we chose Rossul.  The project was long and challenging and Rossul came through in spades.  Lots of hours were worked and lots of ideas were scrapped.  Rossul was fully a part of…

    Rob Cheng CEO at PC Pitstop
  • He “gets it” — really the highest compliment the can be paid to a web/information designer. He listens very carefully to the client’s objectives, and translates those with great precision into design features that do not merely meet those objectives, but go beyond them and make your work so much easier, AND more effective. His…

    Thad McIlroy President at The Future of Publishing, Inc.
  • Rossul quickly creates creative designs for the right price. Great company to work with.

    Keith Linden VP Sales and Marketing, PC Pitstop
  • Rossul Design did an amazing job of helping me create a corporate image that I am very proud of. It was a pleasure working with them.

    Kory Dunlop, Cyclone Shredding
  • I highly recommend Rossul Design! Obviously they are an exceptionally talented communications and GUI design agency , creating stunning, intuitive designs. But, they also take the time to really listen to their clients and understand their needs as well as their market’s needs. They are always professional, and very generous with their time, making themselves…

    Charlotte Riley Owner , A.C. Riley Communications
  • Rossul is an excellent designer with deep knowledge of usability to facilitate user behaviour on websites and within online environments. Rossul provides explanations on best practices for usability and is flexible in providing various concepts to meet client expectations. Always professional, Rossul is quick to respond to requests and highly reliable.

    Catherine Elder Senior Manager, Client Development & Delivery at Prescient Digital Media
  • Rossul and I have worked now on 4 different website projects as well as a number of design for print. If you’re looking for a ‘yes’ man, Rossul is not your guy. But if you want world class design with a strong side of knowledge then you will not be disappointed. Rossul Design seems to be…

    Alex Royter Solar Dimensions
  • Rossul worked for us on very important software to re-define the user interface. He did a great and outstanding job. He’s easy to work with and he takes time to analyse the user behaviour and our objectives. He really brings value to our software. We are very satisfied with his performance.

    Jean-Pierre Simard Chief Marketing Officer at ABB Analytical
  • Rossul is a dedicated professional who provides high quality work. He works quickly and suggests good design ideas.

    David R. Bruce Associate Portfolio Manager, ScotiaMcLeod
  • After extensive research, Sentry Metrics engaged Rossul Designs to design and build a prototype for a major overhaul of their award-winning information security software.  Elia from Rossul spent many hours with my team, learning about our business, our requirements, and just as importantly our customers, to ensure that the final design incorporated all of our…

    Dave Millier CEO, Sentry Metrics Inc
  • Rossul Design combines impressive creative talent with deep knowledge of usability best practices and a commitment to implementing website designs that align with clients’ strategic goals. Rossul challenges assumptions and provides guidance on usability best practices, enabling the client to understand how best to facilitate ease-of-use for their audience. The team can then…

    Julian Mills Vice President, Client Development, Prescient Digital Media
  • Aviisha is a Medical Wellness Institution which focuses primarily on Home Health Care. Home Sleep Apnea Testing remains our most significant public offering. Challenge: Before Hiring Rossul Design, our management and support tools, although powerful and efficient programmatically, were painfully lacking in the UI department. All of the UI was thrown together by our programmers…

    Leor Sidis CTO & Special Projects Manager, AVIISHA Sleep & Wellness Medical Institute
  • I have worked with Rossul design on number of web design projects. Rossul has demonstrated high level of professionalism and promptness in delivering the product. I strongly recommend using their services.

    Pavan Mukhara CTO, Buth Systems LLC
  • Rossul Design created and built an excellent business tool for the management and growth of my company, Vista Health Solutions. Our websites are the core our business and it is crucial that they function properly day in and day out. The sites are user friendly, as well as professional and regularly receive compliments on creative…

    Simon Bukai Owner. Vista Health Solutions
  • Rossul Design is a skillful and committed agency who combines a deep design sense with superb technical knowledge to quickly benefit any marketing communications project, in any medium.

    Evan Thompson Owner, EvanWords
  • Rossul is professional, persistent and patient. He diligently worked with me to bring the vision of my brand to life. I appreciate Rossul’s deep knowledge and approachable style. I will hire Rossul again for future projects

    Tiffany Ankenman Principal, OptimumIP
  • Rossul has been a tremendous asset to my organization. He is creative, experienced, very knowledgeable in his field, and his eye for design is exceptional. His understanding of clean, effective interface elements, information hierarchy and SEO allow him to create web sites that produce results. His work is original and of the highest quality.

    Paola Coda Co-Founder, Creative Director at Coda Creative, Inc.
  • Rossul is talented at UI design. Their designs are as functional and intuitive as they are beautiful. They are highly professional and get the job done fast. I recommend Rossul Design without reservation. Thank you for a fantastic job!

    Dr. Igor Kotlyar President at OmniDate Inc.
  • Rossul Design took the time to fully understand our industry, business and competitive point of difference. Its greatest strength was in its ability to creatively interpret those factors and help us best portray ourselves in the market. Their work was way above our expectations.

    Stephen Rock Principal, The Brookside Group
  • Rossul and Rossul Design have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and insight into the re-launch design of our flagship Easy Web Video product has left me very proud of the final design. For anyone looking for a stunning, effective, intuitive design customized to the uniqueness that is every small business I recommend…

    Shawn Pringle CEO at TopNet Solutions, Inc.
  • ePly provides online event registration software to people planning conferences, meetings and other events. ePly’s software is very capable, but before working with Rossul Design new users didn’t get that as their first impression. Rossul Design took the time to understand how ePly’s clients use the system and then redesigned the interface to make it so…

    Jim Romanik President at ePly Online Event Registration
  • A smart entrepreneur and a great designer, Elia Kanaki possesses a very strong understanding of the web and technology!

    Toby Ward CEO at Prescient Digital Media
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Jan, 2014

We’ve recently partnered with CheerNetworks to design a new, amazing product for the HR industry. CheerNetworks is providing the next generation of HUMAN resources, and we’re extremely proud to be part of it.

Jan, 2014

We’re happy to announce that Heather Prophet has joined the team as a user experience researcher. In the last six years, she has conducted research for a wide range of clients, including government bodies, media, telecommunications firms, and banks, both on the supplier side and the client side. We are still looking for other great team…

Sep, 2013

Rossul Design and have partnered together to provide a new banking experience for customers of Libro. Check back later and view the improved UX via our portfolio!



Jan, 2014

When you think of User Experience Design, the word “design” might create the notion that UX is 100% design related. While it is certainly a major factor, there are other elements such as copy and content which can easily make or break the experience of your users. Putting all of your attention in to design…

Jul, 2013

When it comes to technology, there are various guidelines that are essential for good user experience. This includes accessibility, user interface, information architectures and usability. UX design is the ultimate human vs. computer interaction where certain methods and techniques are employed to produce a desired, predictable and well executed result. Accessibility, user interface, information architectures…

Jul, 2013

As people, we all care about money. It’s not unusual for a person to want to check his/her bank account at least once a week, and it’s self-explainable why. We live in a financially-driven world, and many things revolve around our account balance. Therefore, even if we like it or not, we’re constantly in need…


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