Emergency Dispatch Station Controller Mobile Application


Help Xybix achieve the goal of improving their customer health by designing a UX for workstations that meets all the critical ergonomic performance criteria set forth by the National Ergonomic Standard.

Dispatch Station Controls UI — Walking

User Engagement

Understanding what drives users to be engaged in the app is not a trivial task. To solve this problem, we found an extrinsic motivator which triggers the users’ desire for achievement and completion. We did this by leveraging one of the most popular methods of increasing user engagement: the incentive to keep their “score” high. Attractive, powerful progress charts and reward systems add a playful element to healthy business behaviour and an establish foundation for future integration into social networks.

Dispatch Station Controls UI — Daily Goal Screen

Simplified Visual Communication

Effective visual communications and simple interactions are the keys to success for any UI, but it is especially important for device control UI. Users must be able to glance over and get the full system status, and change their actions accordingly.

Dispatch Station UI — Controls

Enhanced Touch Controls

By isolating a user from all distractions when they adjust station settings, we minimize human errors and significantly enlarge the touch zone. The larger zones make interacting with the device much easier and let dispatchers focus on their main tasks. Larger controls also play a vital role when an additional device, such as a treadmill or a bicycle, is used. It is much more difficult to use a touchscreen when your body is moving.

Dispatch Station Controls UI — Support Screen

Function Emphasizing Skin

We made a UI that seamlessly blends into the table surface. All controls are highly visible, yet not demanding valuable user attention. System communications are clear and easy-to-read, even with peripheral vision. The skin is optimized for various vision anomalies and tested to work for people who are affected by color blindness.