Custom Healthcare UX Design

ROSSUL has designed effective solutions for healthcare professionals in a variety of environments, including hospital wards and medical product distribution. When you contact ROSSUL for user interface design services for an upcoming project, you are gaining a valuable partner who will:


Provide You With Expert Advice

Our team has an intricate knowledge of the healthcare business in both Canada and the United States, and will use this information to tailor a product that’s right for you.

Deliver a useful, desirable product

We believe that a good UX design is something that actively solves our clients’ problems. When you want a solution that is learnable, task-focused, and easier to use, contact ROSSUL first.

Develop a solution tailored to your needs

Every healthcare business or organization is unique. We take the time to set clear goals for your UI that will ultimately enhance the experience of your users. Our focus on industry research and business analysis helps us form a deep understanding of your needs and develop a more usable end product.

Keep costs down

Delivering value for our clients is something we take seriously. We respect your budget and your desire for a strong ROI, which is why we strive to offer both affordable UX design, and a finished product that costs less to maintain on an ongoing basis.

The Importance of UI Design to Healthcare Organizations

At ROSSUL, we use our deep healthcare industry knowledge to help promote the success of our clients every day. Managing privacy concerns and simplifying workflow for busy professionals are important components of any web or mobile application. Whether it’s an app for improving the health and comfort of workers in an emergency dispatch center, or a tool for searching medical records more efficiently, the ultimate goal of UI design for the healthcare industry is to facilitate the easy exchange of information between care providers, patients and other stakeholders.

No matter what segment of the healthcare industry you’re in, an investment in high quality UX and UI design is one that will deliver a strong ROI. You’ll benefit from reduced errors, improved customer retention and a more streamlined use of your staff resources. For more information on some of the projects we have previously completed for healthcare clients, visit our Portfolio page.

At ROSSUL, our experience makes us an ideal provider of interface design services for healthcare applications. To learn more about the mobile or web app development process, or to request a quote for an upcoming project, contact our office today using our online form.

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What Our Clients Say

Eli and his team not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. They delivered ideas, artwork and mockups that gave us the look and functionality we needed with an efficiency that got us our application in record time.
David Goldsmith photo David Goldsmith Global Discipline Director Hatch
Rossul helped bring Libro’s vision to life, ensuring strong results through user testing and helping to build a roadmap for future installations. Rossul’s creative approach to design and their knowledge of how users truly use the web has helped set Libro apart.
Michael Ketelaars photo Michael Ketelaars Digital Banking Manager Libro Credit Union
I would highly recommend Elia and his team, they really “get” UI and UX, and won’t compromise on their approach, ensuring you get the best possible solution!
Dave Millier photo Dave Millier CEO Sentry Metrics