Hatch is a global engineering, project and construction management services company (EPCM) serving the mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries. In our business, safety is paramount, yet in servicing clients, our employees are often required to go to sites all over the globe, and under it. Recently we decided to build a mobile application that would provide awareness and training for the dangers our staff might encounter on site visits. As this app would also be exposed to clients, we needed it to align with our brand by portraying the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

After an extensive search, we selected Rossul as the firm which had the potential to deliver the quality product we needed. Eli’s passion for what he does is as evident at the first meeting as it is in his pride for the end product. Eli and his team not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. They delivered ideas, artwork and mockups that gave us the look and functionality we needed, with an efficiency that got us our application in record time.

The feedback on the design was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. We highly recommend Rossul for their refreshing blend of professionalism and design talent.

David Goldsmith Global Discipline Director Hatch

As Ontario’s second largest credit union, Libro supports the well-being of people, businesses and communities by providing high-quality financial services. The Canadian financial service industry is an extremely competitive market in which Libro differentiates through providing a world class service level and a unique connectedness to its communities. As the world goes digital, the challenge for Libro was how best to differentiate by bringing our unique approach online without compromising its quality.

Libro approached Rossul for its ability to create unique interface designs and usability consulting. Rossul helped bring Libro’s vision to life, ensuring strong results through user testing and helped build a roadmap for future installations. Rossul’s creative approach to design and knowledge of how users truly use the web has helped set Libro apart.

Michael Ketelaars Digital Banking Manager Libro Credit Union

After extensive research, Sentry Metrics engaged Rossul Design to design and build a prototype for a major overhaul of our award-winning information security software. Elia from Rossul spent many hours with my team, learning about our business, our requirements, and just as importantly our customers, to ensure that the final design incorporated all of our needs. Rossul’s attention to even the smallest details, coupled with a critical eye towards UX and UI, resulted in a comprehensive 60-page prototype, which we were able to use to immediately start socializing the new software, while at the same time our developers followed the prototype to bring the software to production. I would highly recommend Elia and his team, they really “get” UI and UX, and won’t compromise on their approach, ensuring you get the best possible solution

Dave Millier CEO SentryMetrics

Rossul Design is a “Master Artist.” We had a project that we were really struggling with and requested Rossul’s help out of sheer desperation. Eli really showed passion for the project, was fun to work with, and brought many fresh ideas to the table. Overall the end product is very different from what we requested, but is 1000 times better. Rossul’s creativity and commitment to perfection will be a major contributor to the success of our product.

Daniel Niasoff Director IntelliworkSpace Ltd

Aviisha is a Medical Wellness Institution which focuses primarily on Home Health Care. Home Sleep Apnea Testing remains our most significant public offering.

Challenge: Before hiring Rossul Design, our management and support tools, although powerful and efficient programmatically, were painfully lacking in the UI department. All of the UI was thrown together by our programmers on the fly, leaving many interfaces with styling and workflow that were simply impossible to work with.

Solution: Working with Elia [Rossul Design] was a refreshing and pain-free experience. He took informal specs over the phone, spent a few days with his team going over our software, and in less time than it would have taken to spec out our own detailed design to a competing firm, we already had custom, professional pilot designs ready for review. It was obvious the team spent the time to understand our offering and produce a GUI to match our requirements. I must commend their flexibility as well, recognizing we were not in a position to supply a whole lot of specification, but pushing forward confidently and delivering results.

We went from less than 10 active accounts to over 100 in just a few weeks. With the release of the new GUI, our sales channel kicked into overdrive with renewed strength and confidence.

Leor Sidis CTO & Special Projects Manager Aviisha

ePly provides online event registration software to people planning conferences, meetings and other events. ePly’s software is very capable, but before working with Rossul Design, new users didn’t get that as their first impression.

Rossul Design took the time to understand how ePly’s clients use the system and then redesigned the interface to make it so easy to use that you don’t need to read the instructions. They also came up with a new look and feel that really gives the impression of a powerful and easy-to-use system.

During the project, we had a lot of questions. For every question we asked, Rossul Design had a good answer as to why it was done a certain way; and in many cases took time to explain the design concept to us. Our new interface is helping us win new customers and keep current ones, and is reducing support calls and making our staff more productive.
One warning is that a new design from Rossul for one part of your business will look so good that you will want to update the other parts too. Soon after our back-end project was done, we had Rossul design a new logo and a new website for us too.

Jim Romanik President ePly

Rossul is talented at UI design. Their designs are as functional and intuitive as they are beautiful. They are highly professional and get the job done fast. I recommend Rossul Design without reservation. Thank you for a fantastic job!

Dr. Igor Kotlyar President OmniDate

Rossul and Rossul Design have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and insight into the re-launch design of our flagship Easy Web Video product have left me very proud of the final design. For anyone looking for a stunning, effective, intuitive design customized to the uniqueness that is every small business, I recommend Rossul Design wholeheartedly.

Thanks for everything Rossul!

Shawn Pringle CEO Easy Web Video

We have been working with Rossul for over five years and when it came to the design of our signature product PC Matic, we chose Rossul. The project was long and challenging and Rossul came through in spades. Lots of hours were worked and lots of ideas were scrapped. Rossul was fully a part of the development team. Of course, the proof is in the finished product. Thanks for a great job.

Rob Cheng CEO PC Pitstop

Rossul and I have worked now on four different website projects, as well as a number of designs for print. If you’re looking for a ‘yes’ man, Rossul is not your guy. But if you want world-class design with a strong side of knowledge, then you will not be disappointed. Rossul Design seems to be one of the rare designer companies that just ‘gets’ it, no matter what the project is. His designs are very original and at the same time extremely functional. And that’s what you take to the bank! Thanks for the great work and I highly recommend Rossul to any company that wants to stand out.

Alex Royter Solar Dimensions