Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the UX/UI industry, we have developed a robust design methodology capable of producing predictable results within a defined timeframe. While the design process remains the same for projects of all sizes, the resources needed to complete the various phases depend on the project’s nature and complexity.

UX Research

  • Goal Analysis
  • Personas
  • Workflows
  • Competitor Benchmarking

At the research stage, we help you align your business goals with user expectations, discover knowledge gaps, and create a strategy to support the needs and productivity of users. Our analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights into users’ reactions to and interactions with your application. We choose the research methods that work best for you based on the available time and resources.

IA & Wireframes

  • Information Architecture
  • Layouts
  • Clickable Prototypes

Ensuring that the visual structure and presentation of information on an application is intuitive and correlated with existing user mental models is a cornerstone of UX design. We make certain that the correct data is presented in the right place and at the right time. Wireframing is a great way to visualize data structures and represent UI features. It enables effective communication between team members and, more importantly, allows for early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall data structure.

User Testing

  • Story Boards
  • On-site Testing
  • Remote User Testing

ROSSUL conducts user-testing sessions and performs detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements. Based on the goals set at the beginning of the UX process, we work with you to establish the proper KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We use different methods to gather user feedback, ranging from remote user testing to one-on-one sessions. We’ll help you to choose a method that works for you.

User Interface (UI) Design

  • Branding
  • Unique & Recognizable Appearance

The visual appeal of your product has a profound and extensive impact on users. UI design aims to provide a seamless experience that can predict users’ needs and subsequently offer an immersive, personalized experience that leaves users feeling empowered. A well-designed UI emphasizes application functionality, making the interaction more intuitive. It also creates an emotional attachment which is also a core part of the equation, as it contributes to ensuring that users walk away from their experience with positive feelings. We ensure your product is a part of your brand’s unified entity and is presented with a required degree of integrity.

Front-End Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script

Our team of designers and front-end developers will work with you to create a stunning and smooth user interface for your web or mobile application. We’ll take the load off your shoulders by ensuring the front-end code has been thoroughly tested, and your application looks and feels exactly as designed. Using the latest frameworks such as Angular, React, or similar programs, we ensure the design is translated into pixel-perfect front-end code. We code strictly according to current W3C standards and support you during the integration with the back-end system.

Back-End Integration Support

  • Integration
  • Support
  • Warranty

We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your new product. That’s why we offer a 60-day warranty on all our designs and codes. If you find any bugs or errors during that time, just let us know, and we’ll fix them free of charge. We also provide technical support and assistance during back-end integration to ensure everything goes smoothly. After your project is up and running, our team will still be available for additional maintenance and support. You can count on us to help you realize your vision and keep your product looking its best.

Let's Work Together

Working with ROSSUL is more than a transaction - it is a long-term partnership!