Business-First Design

ROSSUL has emerged as a leader among enterprise application design companies, this is in part because of our focus on solutions that put the needs of your business first. Ensuring a strong ROI for our clients is all about assessing their goals and priorities, and employing our proprietary methodology that ensures useful and intuitive UI and effective UX.

We do this by focusing heavily on researching and understanding the users. By gaining a clear picture of your requirements and the users’ needs, our team will differentiate between what is meaningful and what is merely impressive. Overly complex enterprise application UI only prevents your users from doing their job in an effective manner. At the same time, UX and UI must also enable users to go deeper. At ROSSUL, we work to establish clear, results-driven, and persona-based workflows based on strategic, researched insights.

UX for the Enterprise — Return on Investment

Less Maintenance

We dig deep into our user testing so our UX and UI solutions are built off user feedback to ensure a better product with minimal changes post-launch. We even provide a 60-day warranty period to give you enough time to discover any imperfections for us to fix.

Decreased Support

Our process produce a smooth and predictable experience for your users. This helps decrease the amount of support calls you'll receive as well as the amount of infrastructure you'll require to answer them.

Optimized Time-to-Market

50% of developer time is spent performing reworks. We test users often and early to find usability problems upfront. Our expertise helps you prioritize developer tasks to minimize development time.

Smaller Training Curve

Applications critical to your users should be easy to learn. At ROSSUL, we design task-focused workflows with simple UI so your users can do their jobs with minimal training.

Minimized Development Cost

UX is the best ROI strategy. Studies have found that 80% of costs in the development life-cycle are associated with meeting unforeseen user requirements. We spot problems early on in the design process, when it is easier, faster and cheaper to reduce costs, thereby fixing otherwise overlooked user issues.

Easily Expandable

ROSSUL understands that user needs change over time. We simplify complexity to create an application that can support adding additional features down the road.

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The Next Steps: Wireframes and User Testing

A well-researched foundation allows us to set key performance indicators (KPIs) that will guide the development of your enterprise software’s UX and UI. The first step is to develop wireframes. As the basis of your application’s information architecture, wireframes establish where and how data is presented, and how features are accessed. Once a workable set of wireframes has been created, we can then begin user testing sessions to see how well they correspond to the established KPIs. After this step is complete, we’ll use the collected user feedback to further refine and improve your enterprise application’s UI design. It’s this commitment to real-world results and continuous improvement that has set ROSSUL apart from the competition.

What Our Clients Say

Eli and his team not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. They delivered ideas, artwork and mockups that gave us the look and functionality we needed with an efficiency that got us our application in record time.
David Goldsmith photo David Goldsmith Global Discipline Director Hatch
Rossul helped bring Libro’s vision to life, ensuring strong results through user testing and helping to build a roadmap for future installations. Rossul’s creative approach to design and their knowledge of how users truly use the web has helped set Libro apart.
Michael Ketelaars photo Michael Ketelaars Digital Banking Manager Libro Credit Union
I would highly recommend Elia and his team, they really “get” UI and UX, and won’t compromise on their approach, ensuring you get the best possible solution!
Dave Millier photo Dave Millier CEO Sentry Metrics