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Design Priorities for SAAS

In the competitive SAAS industry, investing heavily in UX/UI solutions so as to provide users with exceptional products that are highly functional, intuitive, and attractive offers a significant advantage. We create intuitive, successful UX/UI solutions that meet the intricate and unique demands of SAAS applications. To achieve this, we:

Simplifying Complex Processes

The unique characteristics of the SAAS industry involve complex systems, which can often leave end-users feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Through the creation of tailored UX/UI solutions that address your business’s specific needs, we streamline these complex processes into simple, intuitive interfaces that present the users with the needed functionality on-demand, minimizing cognitive load. This, in turn, will improve user satisfaction and efficiency while minimizing the learning curve and making the software more intuitive.

Progressive Disclosure Strategy

Users require an interface that promotes productivity and clarity while reducing clutter and distraction. Thus, a well-design UI must strike a balance between providing users with powerful features and options while maintaining a sense of simplicity. To achieve this, we employ progressive disclosure, where we begin by immediately providing users with the most important features first and secondary, more specialized tools on-demand. This way, users who need to complete simple tasks are not bothered by complex interfaces, while more advanced users are empowered to request additional sets of specialized options as needed. This helps new users explore the system at their own pace without being overwhelmed with advanced functionalities.

UI Tailored for Professional Users

With a professional application where the end-users are employees, such apps must be created with thoughtful consideration of the unique needs of the professional users in order for it to be successful. Unlike consumers, employees are required to use certain applications for long hours every day. Thus, the overarching goal of a b2b application is to reduce distractions and errors as much as possible through goal-focused and streamlined interfaces to improve the efficiency of employees. The key to success for any SAAS application is producing a simple yet powerful interface that easily accommodates the differing needs and abilities of end-users.

Streamlined Data Access

Properly visualized data doesn’t overwhelm users – instead, it engages them, delivering the desired reports quickly and clearly. It is hard to overestimate the role of dashboards in increasing customer ROI and your service’s value. When using a SaaS product related to data delivery, a client needs access to the required set of KPIs and essential metrics; thus, as a SaaS product, it is crucial to deliver these sets and metrics as fast as possible. With integrated data delivery, users receive a streamlined overview of all related data. That way, your clients will quickly understand the growth of their business and make better decisions moving forward!


UI Design Founded In Researched Insights

As a leading UX/UI design company, we have developed a robust, well-researched methodology for achieving intuitive, simple, yet successful UX/UI solutions. We begin with an initial research phase whereby we identify the various user types your application serves, their unique needs, the gaps between their needs and what your app currently offers/ and the knowledge gaps currently present. About 70% of our design process for SAAS goes into research and wireframing. This enables us to create an interface with high functionality that will produce long-term value for your company by reducing the need for revamps later down the road.

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