Commercial Property Manager Web Application

Challenge Design a GUI for a Sequentra® platform that provides an integrated corporate real estate system for managing properties, transactions, projects, occupancy, and space management functions.

Light and Clean UI

Taking into account that users may very well spend up to 8 hours using the application, we had to ensure that it was suitable for professional use.

We came up with a minimalistic colour palette that emphasized system functionality. The colour code clearly marks all actionable items as well as highlight items that require the user’s attention, making it easy to use the application.

User Engagement

Carefully Crafted Forms

All visual aspects of this application – from labels to alignment to font colour — are shaped towards better UX. We’ve created an interface that makes it considerably easy for the app’s users to get through complex building administration forms. The forms are easily scannable and fillable.

User Engagement

Powerful Tools

When dealing with large amounts of data, it is critical to provide users with powerful search and data management tools. We designed a tag-based filtering system that allows users to quickly access the information they want, isolating the user from unnecessary distractions. This technique is especially effective when they need to make important decisions and commit to critical system changes.

User Engagement