Spectroscopy Quality Control App Web Application

Challenge Create a User Interface for the HORIZON MB™ FT-IR Software that facilitates the acquisition, processing and analysis of various samples, as well as managing results.

Re-thinking the Information Architecture

We audited the current application version, ran usability tests and analyzed the existing user experience, finding all areas that may slow down the process or confuse a user. Based on our findings, we were able to revise the original layouts significantly, making it simpler and allowing access to all application features much easier. Then we turned the wireframes into a clickable prototype that tested well with the beta users.

User Engagement

Minimalistic Design

We wanted to eliminate all unnecessary elements to create an outstandingly streamlined User Experience. Everything has been worked out around this idea. Every UI element was examined and taken out of the design if it wasn’t necessary for software functionality. As a result, we achieved an exceedingly clean UI, yet kept it very simple to maintain and expand.

User Engagement

Focus on System Status

In our research, we identified the workflows and tasks that users used on a daily basis and those that were used just occasionally. We also gained a unique process understanding by spending time at the ABB labs to watch the real-life process and learn how staff interact with the device. As a result, we could shape the UI toward users’ actual needs and meet their expectations: bold process status, high visibility from a distance, error recovery guidance and straightforward measurement results representation.

User Engagement

What our Clients Say

Rossul worked for us on very important software to re-define the UI. They did a great and outstanding job. They are easy to work with and he took the time to analyse the user behaviour and our objectives. They really brought value to our software. We are very satisfied with Rossul’s performance. Jean-Pierre Simard Chief Marketing Officer ABB Analytical