Energy Management App Mobile Application

Challenge Create the UI for a restaurant energy management system that allows untrained personnel to effectively manage security, lighting, temperature and refrigeration, both locally and remotely.

Smart Dashboard

We are constantly researching how users interpret visual and textual data and what they need for making effective decisions ― we use our knowledge of this while designing the dashboard screen. The very particular environment in which the app was going to be used made it clear that the user must be able to extract and process critical data reliably and swiftly at a glance or even when passing by. We designed the UI to guide visual processing and not deter it.

User Engagement

Hierarchical Data Presentation

Leveraging on cognitive architecture and human memory constraints, we designed a layout that minimizes short-term memory load. We designed each screen so that it provides all information that a user may need at any given moment for understanding system status and making effective decisions. An intuitive hierarchy among all UI elements is optimized for rapid scanning.

User Engagement