Energy Management System User Interface

Energy Management UX/UI Design Mobile Application

The Challenge

The restaurant industry faces many challenges when it comes to energy management, including high energy bills, environmental impact, and maintenance costs. We were tasked with creating a UI for a restaurant energy management system that is user-friendly and allows untrained personnel to easily manage the lighting, temperature, and refrigeration both locally and remotely.

Energy Management Dashboard

Smart Dashboard for Energy Management

To provide an effective energy management solution, we designed a smart dashboard that guides visual processing, rather than detracting from it. Our team of experts conducted extensive research to understand how users interpret visual and textual data and what they need to make effective decisions. This knowledge was then used to guide us when designing the dashboard screen. Our unique design enables users to extract and process critical data reliably and swiftly with just a glance.

Energy Management Schedule UI

Hierarchical Data Presentation

We understand that the ability to minimize short-term memory load is essential for effective decision-making. Therefore, we leveraged cognitive architecture and human memory constraints to design a layout that allows users to access all the necessary information with ease. Our design provides all the information a user may need at any given moment to understand the system status and make effective decisions based on it. Additionally, we optimized an intuitive hierarchy among all UI elements, enabling rapid scanning.

Efficient energy management is the key to reducing energy costs and environmental impact. We designed a schedule UI that allows restaurant personnel to create a schedule that maximizes energy efficiency without compromising comfort or safety. Our solution provides users with the ability to monitor and control energy consumption while maintaining the ideal environment for customers and staff.

Our UX design team focused on designing an innovative interface that is easy to use and allows users to efficiently manage energy consumption. We focused on the user’s needs and designed an interface that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, reducing the amount of time required to navigate through the system. Our interface provides users with the necessary tools to monitor and control energy usage, ensuring that they can make informed decisions that improve the overall energy efficiency of the restaurant.

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