POS, Inventory and Employee Management

POS, Inventory and Employee Management Web and Mobile Application

The Challenge

Create a dashboard-driven point-of-sale (POS) platform that makes it easy for store owners to gain real-time insights about their company.

Mobile POS Dashboard

A Smart and Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard was designed with store managers in mind, who need to quickly extract information regarding store performance. Visualizations of up-to-date metrics provide store managers with actionable insights into employee behaviour and sales data.


Rethinking Inventory Management

Our goal was to design a comfortable experience that would make the usually cumbersome task of inventory management simple and straightforward. The UI (User Interface) is organized to be clear and concise. Our focus was on ensuring that the user quickly understands the system status at any moment for optimized decision-makingUI.

POS Shopping Cart UI

Effective Point-of-Sale

We created a straightforward interface that streamlines the sales process to provide service in a timely manner. All the information needed to complete a transaction is displayed to increase transactional accuracy and business efficiency. The responsive design allows owners to decide on the best devices for their users.

New Look and Feel

A bold, updated, and clean look is one of the most significant benefits of the new UI. The new iconography and visualizations communicate data and information quickly, meeting one of the most urgent demands for a modern CRM system. 

Let's Work Together

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