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UX Design for Healthcare Industry Streamlining Spectrophotometer App UI for Enhanced Efficiency


Revamping Information Architecture for the Healthcare Industry

The first step in our UX design project was engaging with stakeholders and users in the healthcare industry through interviews and surveys. This process allowed us to identify pain points and opportunities for improving the research lab UI, while developing a deep understanding of business goals and user needs. Consequently, we optimized the existing information architecture to better address the most pertinent user requirements, ensuring technicians adopt best practices and reduce user errors in their 2b2 tasks.

Minimalistic Design Approach for Improved Research Lab UI

Our healthcare industry-focused UI design prioritizes simplicity and clarity in all visual elements. By employing a hierarchical visual language catering to users’ primary processes, we enhance speed and ease of use. The elimination of non-functional decorative elements results in a minimal, data-focused UI that enables users to achieve increased accuracy when measuring lab samples.

Data Visualization for Fast-Paced Healthcare Environments

Effective data visualization is vital for any measuring device, especially in high-stakes research labs where technicians rely on the speed and accuracy of instruments to obtain precise sample results. Utilizing stakeholder input, we redesigned all charts to present data in an immediately understandable manner for users.

By incorporating both static and interactive data visualization techniques, we emphasize the most critical information for specific tests, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately determine the best course of action for patients.

Custom Designed Icons for Enhanced Research Lab UI

Icons, as small graphic elements with significant functional implications, must have an obvious purpose that users can instantly grasp. When designing icons for our healthcare industry UX design project, we simplified the client’s existing iconography to optimize functionality, recognizability, and memorability.

By following the foundational grid and the client’s existing guides for icon treatment, we removed unnecessary ornamentation that could hinder the user’s mental model. This optimization ultimately leads to improved user efficiency, reduced cognitive load, and minimized user errors in research lab UIs.

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