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Online Banking UI/UX Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Seamless Online Banking Experience on Mobile Devices

Our goal was to empower users to effortlessly check balances, send money, and pay bills using their smartphones or tablets, while enhancing the mobile user experience, adding new features, and ensuring accessibility.

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Project Goals

Libro Credit Union, a long-time client, sought our expertise to upgrade the mobile user experience, add new features for a modern banking app, make payment functionalities more intuitive and user-friendly, create personalized experiences tailored to users’ needs, and achieve AA accessibility for inclusive design.

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Insightful User Workflows Research & Analysis

We collaborated with Libro stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product’s role within Libro’s offerings and the client expectations for the updated online banking app. Our deep dive into Libro’s future product development plans, market competition, and success metrics informed our approach to improving workflows and task completion. By examining user behaviours and business goals, we identified the most critical tasks for different user types and the anticipated enhancements in the new product version.

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Tailored User Experiences for Personalized Banking

Leveraging Libro’s emphasis on personal banking, we designed the UI to respond to user life events, making the online banking experience more personal and engaging. The system congratulates users on life events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and displays seasonal greetings and statutory holidays. Users will eventually be able to upload custom images or choose from pre-defined image libraries for even more personalized UI themes.

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Task-Focused Design for Enhanced UX

Our task-focused layout centers around common user tasks, offering a simplified, productive UI and improved UX. By removing non-essential features, we created a clean, user-friendly interface that enables users to efficiently manage funds and stay on top of transactions.

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Effortless Onboarding for Immediate App Usage

We aimed to minimize the learning curve for new and returning users, ensuring they could use the app without delay. By analyzing user mental models, expectations, and familiarity with banking apps, we successfully delivered the desired outcome.

Empowering Users to Achieve Financial Goals

We introduced goal cards to help users, particularly younger demographics, achieve their financial objectives, such as repaying loans or saving for holidays. Goal cards can also connect users with a personal financial coach if needed.

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Enhanced Accessibility for Inclusivity

By conforming to WCAG 2.0 Level AA Standards, we made the app accessible and user-friendly for most people, with or without disabilities, ensuring an inclusive online banking experience.


As Ontario's second-largest credit union, Libro supports the well-being of people, businesses and communities by providing high-quality financial services. The Canadian financial service industry is a highly competitive market in which Libro distinguishes itself by providing a world-class service level and a unique connectedness to its communities. As the world goes digital, the challenge for Libro was how to best differentiate itself by providing a unique online approach without compromising its high-quality services. Libro approached Rossul due to the company's ability to create unique interface designs and usability consulting. Rossul helped bring Libro's vision to life, ensuring strong results through user testing and helped build a roadmap for future installations. Rossul's creative approach to design and knowledge of how users truly use the web has helped set Libro apart within the Canadian financial industry. img_2
Michael Ketelaars Digital Banking Manager Libro Credit Union

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