Online Building Permit Application SAAS


Redesign an online, cloud-based (SAAS) compliance electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries while introducing an array of new features essentially taking the UX to the next level.


UX & UI for Plan Viewer and Markup Tools

We designed a new version of the Plan Viewer that serves as a critical element in the plan reviewing workflow, permitting users to manage various plan overlays and communicate with fellow team members and vendors.

Through identifying and emphasizing the needs and goals of end-users, we designed a set of Intuitive markup tools that simplify architectural plan reviews while increasing user productivity. This was achieved by leveraging the existing user mental models and experiences with similar software. The result was a toolset that is both intuitive and readily available to users exactly when needed.


New UI Framework

To address the main problem of inconsistent UI in various applications, we created a new library of front-end components that would serve as a framework for all current and future developments. We strived to balance the functionality-rich UI elements with ease-of-use and application responsiveness to ensure fast-loading screens. Our framework solution minimizes the time and effort involved in the application building process, instead supporting the easy introduction of new functionalities down the road in a way that feel logical for the users. The framework is optimized to satisfy users’ needs and creates a consistent interaction experience.


Streamlined Users Workflow

Through user workflow analysis, we determined the necessary steps to make the workflow faster, easier, and better for optimum results. By establishing a navigation logic that reflects the functionality of products, users can intuitively access various parts of the application. By adding a dashboard as a hub for all workflows, users can access a “birds-eye view” of the system to determine what needs to be done first. This approach gives users the ability to easily and effectively collaborate on the blueprints.