Online building permit application header background featuring architectural blueprints and digital tools

Online Building Permit Application UI/UX Design SAAS

The Challenge

Transform an online, cloud-based (SAAS) compliance electronic document review software to cater to governmental agencies, construction, and manufacturing industries, while elevating the UX and introducing a range of innovative features.

Main screen of the UX & UI for Plan Viewer and Markup App

UX & UI for Plan Viewer and Markup Tools

We crafted a cutting-edge version of the Plan Viewer, a vital element in the plan review workflow that enables users to manage multiple plan overlays and collaborate with team members and vendors in the construction industry. By focusing on the needs and objectives of end-users, we designed a set of intuitive markup tools that streamline architectural plan reviews and enhance user productivity.

Our approach incorporated existing user mental models and experiences with similar software, resulting in an intuitive and easily accessible toolset tailored to users’ needs.

Showcasing new UI components framework in action

Innovative UI Framework for the Construction Industry

Our goal was to balance feature-rich UI elements with user-friendliness and application responsiveness, ensuring fast-loading screens. To tackle the issue of inconsistent UI across various applications, we developed a new library of front-end components that serve as a framework for all current and future developments in the UX design.

Our framework solution reduces the time and effort required in the application-building process, enabling seamless introduction of new features in a logical manner for users. The framework is optimized to meet users’ needs and deliver a consistent interaction experience.


Enhanced User Workflow for User Interface Design in B2B

By analyzing user workflows, we identified the necessary steps to optimize the workflow for the best results, making it more intuitive, faster, and user-friendly. Establishing a navigation logic reflecting the functionality of products allowed users to intuitively access various parts of the application.

By incorporating a dashboard as a central hub for all workflows, users can quickly view a comprehensive overview of the system and prioritize tasks accordingly. This approach facilitates seamless and effective collaboration on blueprints, setting a new standard in user interface design for the B2B construction industry.

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