TICKET SCANNING APP Mobile Application

Challenge UX and UI design of Ticket Spice POS – an easy-to-use, advanced point-of-sale that decreases training time and improves process efficiency while boosting sales and enhances the overall UX.

Task Oriented Workflows

Freshly re-designed workflows allow for much more efficient user-device interaction. It significantly empowers sale representatives and makes handling large traffic sales and ticket registration a much faster and less complex processes. As a result, we reduced training time, improved sales and built customer loyalty.

User Engagement

Increased Sales and User Loyalty

Re-created from scratch, Ticket Registration workflow significantly improves the scanning process and allows the business to serve more users by minimizing time needed for each registration, making it ideal for large-scale events. Clear on-screen instructions provide guidance in a non-standard situation, helping to handle larger event traffic with less staff.

User Engagement

Easy to Ready Reports

A re-designed reports section provides instant access to events stats and makes it easy to keep an eye on ticket sale and attendance in real time. With multiple event locations and various business requirements, users needed a simple, yet comprehensive reporting and system management. We designed a solution that puts a set of complete reporting and monitoring tools at your fingertips. The smart and clean UI allows users to get the status by just glancing at the reports screen, with options to dig in with just one touch.

User Engagement

Multi-Device Support

With the need to use various devices in the field, the app users expect a consistent experience of the mission critical workflows. We designed a UI that looks and functions consistently on both mobile phone and tablets. Taking into account differences imposed by the screen size and touch behaviour patterns, we’ve designed a UI that is equally efficient on both platforms and supports vertical and horizontal orientation.

User Engagement
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