Abstract background for the Research Lab UX/UI case study

Research Lab UI & UX UX Design for Healthcare

Developing an Intuitive and Accessible Medical Device UI

Our mission was to create an intuitive user interface for a modern spectrophotometer, streamlining the acquisition, processing, and analysis of samples while also managing results efficiently. The design had to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals while ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Redesigned interface for medical lab equipment with improved information architecture and navigation

New Information Architecture & Revamped Information Architecture & Navigation

We began by conducting interviews and surveys with stakeholders and current users, identifying pain points and opportunities to improve user experience in a healthcare setting. This research informed our understanding of both business goals and user needs, enabling us to refine the existing information architecture for consistent navigation and element hierarchy. The optimized UI prioritizes common tasks, reducing user errors and catering to users’ most pressing needs.

Efficiency-Driven Research Lab UI - Sample Acquisition Screens

Efficiency-Driven Research Lab UI

Our new UI design emphasizes simplicity and clarity throughout the entire application. By utilizing a hierarchical visual language tailored to users’ primary processes, we enhanced the device’s ease of use and accessibility. The minimal, data-focused UI increases accuracy when measuring lab samples by eliminating non-functional decorative elements, also reducing technician training time.

Data Visualization for Faster, Accurate Decisions - Spectrophotometer Visualization Screens

Data Visualization for Faster, Accurate Decisions

Efficient data visualization is vital for any measuring device, particularly in a fast-paced healthcare lab environment where technicians depend on the speed and accuracy of instruments for precise sample results. We redesigned all charts using stakeholder input, presenting data in a format that users can quickly process and understand.

Incorporating both static and interactive data visualization techniques, we emphasized the most critical information for specific tests, enabling users to make more efficient and accurate decisions regarding patient care.

Custom icons set for a medical research lab equipment

Custom-Designed Icons for Enhanced UX

In our design process, we prioritized the creation of easily understandable icons that serve an obvious purpose. We simplified the client’s existing iconography to optimize functionality, recognizability, and memorability, enhancing the overall user experience.

By using the foundational grid and the client’s existing icon treatment guidelines, we removed unnecessary ornamentation to minimize cognitive load and user errors, ultimately streamlining user efficiency in the medical device UI.

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