Abstract image representing the online marketing platform designed with UX and UI best practices

UX and UI Design for an Online Marketing Platform SaaS Application

The Challenge

Design a new, comprehensive UX and UI for a web app that assists digital marketers in the B2B sector in optimizing their campaigns through the creation of dynamic, personalized content for their target audience.

Image of a sleek and modern online marketing platform dashboard

Transforming Dashboard UX for a Cutting-Edge Marketing Web App

Our holistic approach to creating user experiences considers the overall user journey, ensuring seamless interactions at every step. By working closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts, we gained a deep understanding of the product within the context of users’ daily tasks. Consequently, we prioritized functionality and minimized disruption to existing workflows, ensuring optimal efficiency. Our final product not only enhances marketing activities but also offers the ability to visualize and export data for seamless integration with other applications.

Image of an online marketing platform with engaging and intuitive data visualization dashboards

Data Visualization for an Engaging and Intuitive Marketing Platform UI

We began by leveraging users’ existing knowledge to maximize usability and deliver a highly functional product. By analyzing the domain and users’ tasks, we were able to quickly identify the information users needed and determine the most effective methods of delivering it to guide them towards their end goal. Looking at the problem from users’ perspectives allowed us to structure the product in accordance with how users already think about tasks, making the system as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

Adaptable Marketing Platform for Users with Diverse Skills

Setting up and onboarding users for a web app can be a daunting process, particularly when technical aspects are involved. Recognizing that our target users had varying levels of tech-savviness and skills, we ensured that different paths were provided during development to address this issue and maximize user retention after the first use.

For marketers with less technical skills, we made it easy for them to match their URLs using only keywords or strings. In contrast, tech-savvy marketers, power users, or assisting developers can accelerate their workflow through advanced features such as pattern matching, boolean logic, and CSV import. By taking into account our users’ varying skill levels, we were able to provide a more holistic and user-friendly experience that keeps them engaged and returning, elevating the standards for UX and UI design in B2B marketing platforms.


ROSSUL was very process-driven. We had a few user stories that they took and executed the full design of the app and UI. First, we had to make sure their team understood the user stories and their meaning. After walking through the concepts, they started with rough drafts and wireframes, talking us through that process. Based on those conversations, we were able to flesh out our user stories more. After several reiterations of that, their team built multiple iterations of hi-fi prototypes. Beyond what we provided their side, they added concepts and functionalities to our app. After the final handoff to our developers, we coded it.
Joel Brda, Founder

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