Marketing Platform SaaS Application


Provide a new UX and UI design for an enterprise application aimed at helping digital marketers increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by creating dynamic, personalized content for their target audience.

Dashboard UX — Marketing Web App

A Holistic Approach

As a B2B UI/UX design agency, we emphasize the importance of a holistic approach when creating a user experience that considers the overall user journey. By working closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts, we gained an understanding of the product in the context of their day-to-day activities. As a result, we prioritized functionality and minimize disruption to the user’s existing workflow to ensure optimal efficiency. This is evident in the final product, which augments marketing activities by visualizing and exporting data to be used in other applications.

Matching Mental Models

As a principle of B2B UI/UX design, we believe in leveraging users’ existing knowledge to maximize usability and deliver a highly functional product. This was achieved by analyzing the domain and the users’ tasks, which allowed us to quickly identify the information users needed and how to most effectively deliver it to guide them to their end goal. By looking at the problem from the users’ perspective, we were able to structure the product in accordance with how users already think about tasks, making the system as straightforward as possible.

Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

Setup and onboarding were the primary parts of this enterprise application. However, there were also some technical aspects, and we recognized that our target users had varying levels of tech-savviness and skill that needed to be accounted for. In the development stage, multiple paths were provided for different user types to address this problem and maximize user retention after this first use. As a result, marketers with more primitive technological skills need to know the keywords/strings to match their URLs. In contrast, tech-savvy marketers, power users, or assisting developers can accelerate their workflow through pattern matching, boolean logic, and CSV import.


ROSSUL was very process-driven. We had a few user stories that they took and executed the full design of the app and UI. First, we had to make sure their team understood the user stories and their meaning. After walking through the concepts, they started with rough drafts and wireframes, talking us through that process. Based on those conversations, we were able to flesh out our user stories more. After several reiterations of that, their team built multiple iterations of hi-fi prototypes. Beyond what we provided their side, they added concepts and functionalities to our app. After the final handoff to our developers, we coded it.
Joel Brda, Founder