Design Solutions for Cross-Platform Applications

With users accessing web-based applications from a growing diversity of platforms — including desktop computers, mobile devices and smart TVs — there’s a clear need for innovative multi-platform design solutions that put a user’s experience first. Ultimately, this is about more than just ensuring consistency across platforms. It’s about considering the environment a user will access your application in, and how their expectations will change accordingly.

That’s where Rossul comes in. We take the time to understand your users and develop researched, forward-thinking design solutions for cross-platform applications. Our clients include organizations in healthcare, finance, education and many other industries. Let us work with you to analyze the challenges that are affecting your users’ experiences, and build more functional UX and UI from the ground up.

Cross-Platform UX/UI Design: Key Considerations

Several factors can have an impact on UX and UI design for cross-platform applications:

  • User base — Who your users are, and how and where they access your application, has several important implications for cross-platform UX design. At Rossul, we begin by performing extensive demographic research about your industry and your organization in particular. As a result, we can develop more focused solutions from the ground up.
  • Screen size — A 2012 Google study determined that the smaller the device, the shorter a user’s attention span will be. While desktop and laptop PCs have an average interaction time of 43 minutes, that number drops to just 17 on a smartphone. Clearly, the average attention span has an impact on how an application’s interface should be designed on a cross-platform device.
  • Project goals — While the ultimate goal of any mobile or web-based application is to provide a rich and rewarding experience for your user, how that drives value for your organization will vary with each project. For example, your application may be meant for use by the general public, or it may be designed for your staff in particular. It could also be designed to motivate sales, streamline workflows or provide information. Effective cross-platform UX and UI design solutions will start by answering these questions.

Driving Innovation in Cross-Platform Design

The nature of how we access web-based applications is changing constantly as new devices enter the market, users migrate away from conventional desktop platforms and more home appliances get connected to the Internet. Sticking to established best practices does not guarantee your application will deliver the return on investment you require.

At Rossul, we have a more than 15-year history of innovative UX and UI design. When developing highly functional design solutions for cross-platform applications, we understand that it is often necessary to throw out established wisdom. We take the time to understand you and your users, and to establish clear goals for every project we work on. Extensive testing at the wireframe, information architecture and front-end development stages ensures the finished product retains its fidelity to these goals — helping deliver a more focused, more usable application.

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