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5 User Interface Design Features That Need To Stop

April 25, 2013

When designing a user interface, it is important to create a good end user experience. In fact, some features that are popular can be a real annoyance to your visitors. In this article, we will cover 5 user interface design features that are commonly seen online that provide a horrible user experience. 1. CAPTCHA As…

Default Screen Resolutions Trends 2013

February 15, 2013

With the advancement of technology, laptops and desktop computers are seeing a great influx of power. Many people are finding they can fit more on to their screens than they ever imagined. Resolutions are a very sensitive topic in the technology and web-design worlds. They are a blessing for web-developers and Internet users because more…

Recommended Minimum Screen Resolution For Web Designers

April 3, 2010

It seems that with the advanced computers and laptops widely available web designers can consider moving from 1024×768 to 1280×800 which covers 76% of the market according to w3schools.com and NetMarketshare. The game is to have all vital information ABOVE THE FOLD LINE. According to the latest study from NNg, users scroll much more than…