Default Screen Resolutions Trends 2013

With the advancement of technology, laptops and desktop computers are seeing a great influx of power. Many people are finding they can fit more on to their screens than they ever imagined. Resolutions are a very sensitive topic in the technology and web-design worlds. They are a blessing for web-developers and Internet users because more content can be viewed and acquired. Constant scrolling and clicking is not required in order to reach text or widgets; it's all on one screen.

In our 2010 article on screen resolution, we discussed resolution trends which were taking the web design world by storm. During those years the most popular resolutions were 1280x1024 and 1280x800. However, in 2013, both of these have been muscled out to make room for 1366 x 768. This offers the most space currently available to display content. Web designers are incorporating more data and accommodating more space, allowing for web pages to be more intuitive, functional and user-friendly. There is no doubt that future improvements in resolution will lead to more space and the availability of more content to users on the Internet.

The goal with higher resolutions and larger user interface designs is to allow different types of content to co-exist on a single page. This can help businesses because users and potential customers will be able to find information, such as where the business is located, what it offers and contact numbers/email addresses, easily without having to do much scrolling or clicking. This, in turn, translates to shorter turn-around times and more potential customers creating a larger base for potential profit.

January 2013

Resolution % of total

  • 1366x768       -   25.4 %
  • 1920x1080    -   11.0 %
  • 1280x1024    -     9.7 %
  • 1440x900      -     7.3 %
  • 1280x800      -     8.2 %
  • 1680x1050    -     5.7 %
  • 1600x900      -     5.0 %
  • 1920x1200    -     2.9 %
  • 1360x768      -      2.1 %
  • 2560x1440    -      1.1 %
  • Other high resolutions 11.6 %

Based on Statistics of w3schools user for Higher Screen Resolutions