Blog Post. Google's Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

Google's Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

May 23, 2013

  First off, we love Apple. Our phones, tablets, laptops, PCs are all Apple. As an Apple fan though, it’s hard to feel a little more excited these days when reading about Google. We wish this weren’t the case, but it is. There are two key products which are set to be released in the…

5 Considerations Surrounding Mobile App Development: iOS vs. Android

February 28, 2013

We understand the challenges that many have when it comes to deciding which platform you should be developing your app on, iOS or Android? There is never a simple answer. Additionally, considerations surrounding user interface design and user experience should also be made. Here are 5 (of many) considerations that you can look at when…

Bing May Become a Default Search Option for iPhone OS 4.0

January 20, 2010

Business Week reports that Apple and Microsoft have been discussing making Bing the default search engine on the iPhone. In light of accelerating rivalry between Apple and Google over the mobile market it does make sense. Some sources suggest that Apple is working on its own search solution and the Bing deal might be just…

LG Turns to Android UI

January 15, 2010

LG has announced it will  run Android in more than half of its smartphones in 2010. It is a significant change from the company’s current strategy. In 2009, only one LG smartphone ran Android and the rest were running Windows Mobile. It is a big hit for Microsoft as other companies such as Motorola, Samsung…