5 Considerations Surrounding Mobile App Development: iOS vs. Android

Do we understand the challenges that many have when it comes to deciding which platform you should be developing your app on, iOS or Android? There is never a simple answer. Additionally, considerations surrounding user interface design and user experience should also be made. Here are 5 (of many) considerations that you can look at when making this decision. Alternatively, simply give us a call.

1) Android is the most popular operating system across the globe

You have probably seen the stats which state that Android is the most popular operating system across the globe. While it may be true, it's extremely important to consider this in context. When developing on Android, it's important to consider that the platform is much more fragmented than iOS. What version of Android are devices running? Where are the users located? What resolutions and screen sizes are the devices running? Android may indeed be somewhat easier from a pure coding concept, but there are many other factors to consider rather than simply looking at the size of the user base across the globe.

2) iOS is stronger in North America

Apple's operating system, being developed in America and marketed more aggressively to Americans, is understandably stronger in the US. If you are planning on making an app that incorporates the English language a great deal, it may be better to consider putting your app on the iOS market, where it will be seen by a great deal of Americans and native English speakers. It's a great way to reach potential customers, but while iOS is popular in the US, there is still a large market outside of Apple's marketplace.

3) Mobile app usage is becoming more dominant

Smartphones are becoming more and more complex. With that in mind, people are always searching for apps that can make their lives easier. There is a demand for applications that can perform functions that increase productivity, provide entertainment and help organize. All of this demand equates to a great source of potential customers for new app developers.

4) Why many developers look to iOS first? Money

With Apple having such a wide customer base, there is bound to be a great deal of potential for money to be made. Apple is widely respected for its well-made products and excellent software. For those who wish to make an app, putting it on Apple's marketplace may be a great way to take advantage of this reputation. The iOS platform provides excellent support and a vast customer base which can prove to be extremely useful for the new and experienced app developer alike.

5) Apps get better at retaining users, iOS more than Android

Applications are becoming more and more well made and as a result are gaining more of a userbase. Apps that encourage users to return for repeated use, are well made and cost little often provide the most staying power and end up with the most profit. People are also willing to spread the word about a great app, which also leads to more profit. App developers are creating more intuitive, interactive, and complex software pieces which are designed to retain users. iOS is known more for this than Android, as Android is more of a fledgling operating system, but it is gaining steam and popularity in a bid to compete with and perhaps surpass iOS. Overall, it comes down to which demographic and how many customers you wish to appeal to, as both have advantages and disadvantages