Increase User Retention With A Better User Experience


Convincing users to download your app isn’t as difficult as convincing them to use the app for a prolonged time period. According to recent studies, only 10-20% of users use apps on their devices a few months after downloading them. This simply means that user experience is more important in getting users to use your app for a prolonged period of time. Although apps are supposed to create a very powerful first impression, they should also offer exemplary user experience for them to be deemed useful by users. In case you are interested in finding out how to increase user retention with your app/s, look no further. Below are 5 important tips that will definitely give your users a better experience which will in turn increase user retention.

1. Make sure your app provides a perfect on-board user experience

Considering the majority of users stop using new apps within the first month, you need to make sure your app offers the perfect onboarding experience. There are many ways to do that i.e. include welcome messages, tutorials, tours e.t.c. This is important since it helps to break app features into digestible chunks that are easy to understand. It is possible to automate the entire onboarding experience using any app development software. Your focus should be on educating your users as much as possible to drive engagement. You shouldn’t have problems retaining users if your app offers a perfect onboard user experience.

2. Offer In-App support

This is another important tip to consider when you want to create an app that offers the best possible user experience. The most popular apps offer some form of In-App feedback. Your app should make it extremely easy for users to offer their feedback since this is the only way to identify and fix app problems quickly. User feedback (positive or negative) offers real-time insights into app issues, user needs, and opinions. Such information is crucial when your focus is increasing user retention rates.

In-App support should also include responses to users. Your app shouldn’t just receive feedback. It should be able to offer appropriate responses to users to inform users that their problems/concerns are being attended to. Such In-App support channels are bound to offer a better user experience which translates to higher user retention rates.

3. Improve your app continuously

Web apps are continuously evolving. There are plenty of new app features/tools being introduced on a daily basis in an effort to improve user experience. To ensure your app stays up to par with the latest app trends, features, etc., you must constantly look for ways of improving your app. For instance, you need to constantly look for ways of improving your app update process.

According to numerous studies done in the recent past, tedious/cumbersome app update processes are among the main reasons why users stop using most mobile apps after a few months. To avoid this, your app update process should match industry standards in every way including speed, features, engagement, etc.

4. Consider engaging your app users on a personal level

Nothing beats personal engagement when it comes to creating customer loyalty as well as increasing user retention. Your app must personalize user engagement as much as possible to create a strong and special bond. It is possible to do this with your app using behavioral-based messaging. For instance, your app should be able to message users automatically based on what they normally do or don’t do in your app.

As an example, your app should be able to send automatic messages to users who haven’t registered themselves, their credit cards, etc. Your app should also be able to send birthday messages, and holiday messages among other kinds of messages known to boost personal engagement. Your focus when implementing this tip should be on improving the quality as well as the frequency of interaction.

5. Consider reactivating lapsed users

Acquiring new app users is harder and more costly than reactivating lapsed users. This explains why every app developer should focus on reactivating lapsed users before attempting to bring new users onboard. Event messaging is one of the best ways of reactivating lapsed users. You can consider sending incentivized or soft messages to lapsed users to encourage reactivation. This tip should however be considered after you have improved your app in the best way possible. Your focus should be on ensuring lapsed users find a better app.


In summary, the above 5 tips are bound to create a better app user experience that boosts user retention. Although there are many other tips app developers can consider when they want to increase user retention by improving user experience, the above tips are bound to guide app developers on the right path.