The First Taste Of A Delicious iOS 7

WWDC13 is just around the corner, and the moment we’ve all been waiting for is about to finally arrive – the reveal of iOS 7. While many are waiting in antisipation in order to get the first look at the new design, we feel we already know what to expect. Look no further than the WWDC13 logo.

This, really, is such a critical time for Apple. Since Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm, Apple has had to make all of these decisions without him. Now we get to see how far they’ve come. What’s even more interesting is to see how Jony Ives will change Apple in the iOS space, as he did within the hardware space. The WWDC logo shows a lot about Ive’s new presence at Apple.

Take a look at the colours shown in the logo. This represents, in our opinion, the colour, style, and stack of iOS7. We can expect to see this entire theme to be iOS7. Notice the half transparent panels, the rounded corners, the white text on a vibrant coloured background, and a completely different base colour. It’s flat, though not entirely. This makes complete sense though as Apple also needs to differentiate itself from Microsoft and Google. We can even look at the font of the logo. Text being brought to the forefront. The numbers are roman numerals. The Apple logo is missing as well. This is Jony Ive’s presence in action. A clean, minimalist, design. Is it beautiful? We think so. This simple logo, to us, reveals the future for Apple. The design of the user interface, we're expecting, will be a beautiful sight to see.

Once Apple fired Scott Forstall, a statement was made and a new direction given. Now we all get to see what they can do. We’re thinking this can be a re-birth of Apple with Ive in the mix within the iOS space.

Apple, it seems, has been at a bit of a standstill since Jobs was no longer part of it. Can Ive re-invigorate Apple to a new post-Jobs era? Maybe. Let’s remember what Jobs said of Ive: “If I have a spiritual partner at Apple, it’s Jony.”

Welcome to the new, invigorated, Apple.