The Author of Future Technology - Hollywood

“Wow!”, “That’s amazing”, “I'd love to have it”, “Wish this was true” - That is the astonishment Hollywood movies present. It leaves us wondering, “will this really happen one day?” Hollywood is the leading hub for all kinds of acts. It is a place where you meet world-famous actors and actresses, portraying their power of imagination. They do it so intuitively and will leave you wanting more and more of their fiction. The one area where fiction turns into reality is the technology introduced through films, and into our minds.

Amidst the Hollywood wonders, have you ever pondered on how these dimensions may influence current and future technology? You may think that they are just movies, however, they also act as an extreme makeover of our futuristic technology. With spatial ideas, out-of-world imagination and elegant creation, Hollywood will capture your psyche right from your TV screen and move you to another world. Hollywood inventions seem to be the ultimate lead and end for some technologies.

Let’s think about this Hollywood power over our technology arena. Their innovative ways helps us, the consumers, prepare for some technologies. Once this has ignited our minds, desire takes over and we bay for such products in the movies. Out of this, the tech companies go ahead to satisfy our undying hunger for these spectacular innovations. It is not how the Apples and Googles of the world are making these products for the market, but how Hollywood has already conditioned people’s minds to want such products.

What are some of Hollywood's high-tech innovation thrillers?

Knight Rider by David Hasselhoff. Such smartness in the artificial intelligence field is displayed here. Seeing a car acting smarter than a human being is not only unimaginable but also enjoyable. The car would change its form, detect an accident or enemies ahead, make suggestions and I also guess it was emotional. The creativity in this is stamped in my mind. Google is in the process of developing a car that can drive itself, make suggestions, and provide a simpler ride where the human has no control. Who wouldn't want their own KITT after being exposed to Knight Rider?

Innovation and creativity are boundless in Hollywood. When it comes to computer intelligence, the technocrats have created inconceivable user interfaces. To bring out elegant results, a gesture-based interface is actualized. Big screens with intuitive ability are used. This manipulates zooms, rotates, and images with super speed. In Hollywood movies, T9 texting or touch screen interface is no longer a catch. Gesture smart imaginary gadgets take over. Now look at the technology space where touch screen interfaces and gesture controls are part of our every day life.

We can also consider movies such as Terminator 2 which exhibits a heads up display for the Terminator. How much different is the Google Glass project from the type of technology Arnold was wearing? How soon until facial recognition is part of these glasses? It's already on its way.

All the above underscore the thought that Hollywood defines the next level of technology and not the high-tech visionaries. While it's true that these visionaries must go through the process of actually developing these products, it's been Hollywood that has helped ensure that we 'need' or 'want' this type of technology. The visionaries come in, and simply fill this need.