ePly provides online event registration software to people planning conferences, meetings and other events. ePly’s software is very capable, but before working with Rossul Design, new users didn’t get that as their first impression.

Rossul Design took the time to understand how ePly’s clients use the system and then redesigned the interface to make it so easy to use that you don’t need to read the instructions. They also came up with a new look and feel that really gives the impression of a powerful and easy-to-use system.

During the project, we had a lot of questions. For every question we asked, Rossul Design had a good answer as to why it was done a certain way; and in many cases took time to explain the design concept to us. Our new interface is helping us win new customers and keep current ones, and is reducing support calls and making our staff more productive.
One warning is that a new design from Rossul for one part of your business will look so good that you will want to update the other parts too. Soon after our back-end project was done, we had Rossul design a new logo and a new website for us too.