Safari 5 S is going to be unveiled/released at WWDC

Lately, I’ve been finding myself using Chrome more and more. Why on earth would I prefer “most advanced Apple’s browser” to something else? Safari’s script engine is quick enough if not the quickest on the market. It’s full of unique features such as Top Sites, a smartly integrated dictionary (Cmnd+Crl+D), and support for the latest technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, etc. After thinking about it for a while here are reasons of why for the time being do I prefer Chrome:

  • Somewhat “Lighter” more responsive overall  feeling.
  • Plugins (Add-ons)
  • One address bar that accepts both URLs and search queries (Saves you a mouse click or “Tab” key to switch the focus to the search bar in Safari)
  • Clear on-screen indication that your download has started. Download progress integration into main window is also more useful than floating download window that often gets lost among other windows.
  • Nice and settled UI animation affects.
  • Smart history search in address bar. You can enter any part of the URL to trigger suggestions.
  • Independent Incognito window as opposite to Safari’s “private mode” the applies to entire browse session.
  • Right looking tabs. ( I know, I know…)

A rumor that Apple is releasing Safari 5 in a good news indeed and list of news features looks like Safari is going to give Chrome a fight (at least on it’s home platform)

  • Safari Reader: Click on the new Reader icon to view articles on the web in a single clutter-free page.
  • Improved Performance: Safari 5 executes Javascript up to 25% faster than Safari 4. Better page caching and DNS prefetching speed up browsing.
  • Bing Search Option: New Bing search option for Safari's Search Field, in addition to Google and Yahoo.
  • Improved HTML5 support: Safari supports over a dozen new HTML5 features including Geolocation, full screen for HTML5 video, closed caption for HTML5 video, new sectioning elements (article, aside footer, header, hgroup, nav and section), HTML5, AJAX History, EventSource, WebSocket, HTML 5 draggable attribute, HTML 5 forms validation, and HTML 5 Ruby.
  • Safari Developer Tools: A new Timeline Panel in the Web Inspector shows how Safari interacts with a website and identifies areas for optimization. New keyboard shortcuts make it faster to switch between panels.
  • Smarter Address Field: The Smart Address Field can now match text against the titles of web pages in History and Bookmarks, as well as any part of their URL.
  • Tab Settings: Automatically open new webpages in tabs instead of in separate windows.
  • Hardware Acceleration for Windows: Use the power of the computer's graphics processor to smoothly display media and effects on PC, as well as Mac.
  • Search History with Date: A new date indicator in Full History Search shows when web pages were viewed.
  • Top Sites/History Button: Switch easily between Top Sites and Full History Search with a new button that appears at the top of each view.
  • Private Browsing Icon: A "Private" icon appears in the Smart Address Field when Private Browsing is on. Click on the icon to turn off Private Browsing.
  • DNS Prefetching: Safari looks at the addresses of links on web pages and can load those pages faster.
  • Improved Page Caching: Safari can add additional types of web pages to the cache so they load quickly.
  • XSS Auditor: Safari can filter potentially malicious scripts used in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Improved JavaScript Support: Safari allows web applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to run faster and more securely.

Currently, it’s just rumored but the wait isn’t going to belong. We’ll know in a few days.