Benefits of Online Point-of-Sale Systems

Both online and brick and mortar retailers can benefit from switching their aging point of sale (POS) systems to a modern, simplified cloud-based platform. If you’re considering making the jump, or if you’re interested in running a leaner, more integrated business, an online POS can help.

Online POS Benefits

Regardless of the specifics of your industry, moving to a web-based POS system can provide several key benefits:

  • Simplicity — As opposed to bulky, hardware-based POS systems, web-based applications can be installed easily and set up quickly. You also never have to worry about updates, backups or data integrity issues that come with traditional software systems.
  • Lower cost — Another benefit of the simple and streamlined nature of web-based POS systems is that the cost of installing and maintaining them is considerably lower. Because everything is handled online, all you need is an Internet connection — no expensive hardware to purchase or infrastructure to upgrade.
  • Fewer errors — With access to up-to-the minute inventory data, sale information can be entered correctly the first time. This prevents loss and increases productivity, since staff members no longer have to run price checks, correct errors and enter inventory codes manually.
  • Remote access — A web-based POS system can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer. Sales are updated in real time, giving you the freedom to accurately monitor your business’s activity no matter where you are. For organizations with multiple locations or sales staff working off-site, a cloud-hosted POS can be invaluable.
  • Integration — An online point of sale system can be set up to integrate with your existing accounting, inventory and payroll management platforms. This type of integration can greatly simplify reporting, invoicing, job costing and more.
  • Less paperwork — Improved integration between applications means less paperwork, less duplication of effort and a more comprehensive picture of the health of your business.
  • Improved sales — Ultimately, the combined benefits of a web-based POS system will reduce busywork and free up staff to serve your users better. In turn, this can drive sales and help deliver a strong return on your investment.

Why UX/UI Design Is Important

Online point of sale systems will only deliver benefits if the systems are easy to use. Choosing to design a POS system from scratch gives you the opportunity to create a custom application tailored to the needs of your business. However, unless your organization has extensive in-house capabilities, this requires partnerships with knowledgeable UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) experts.

At Rossul, we specialize in innovative UX and UI designs for web-based applications. We can help you develop a POS system that delivers immediate benefits as well as lasting value for your organization. We employ a research-based approach to application design, and start every project by taking the time to learn about your organization and your industry — we work to identify the challenges your users face most often.

Working from this understanding, we develop a customized UI/UX for your online point-of-sale system that reflects the realities of your business, rather than forcing you to change your processes to accommodate a bulky or cumbersome application. To learn more about how we can help, contact the Rossul team today.