Adaptive Design: What It Isn’t And What It Can Be

April 27, 2012

Adaptive design has sometimes been (mis)understood by designers to mean adding some features to a website or application that will allow users to customize the interface to suit their needs.  However, in order for the concept of inclusive adaptive design to really work, we need to understand more about what it isn’t.

A Few Hints On Amazon's Next-Gen E-Ink Kindle

April 9, 2012

While the world is anticipating Apple’s next step, Amazon is (quietly) improving it’s Kindle. One of the major complaints is that users need ambient light to read the devices. Now, while I don’t doubt that users who love Kindle will do anything for their Kindle, there is something to be said about having to make…

Blog Post. MS to offer Alternative Browsers to European Users

MS to offer Alternative Browsers to European Users

March 1, 2010

From beginning of March european users will be able to choose which web browser they want to install as an alternative to Internet Explorer. In random order MS shows Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera & Safari. This “primary” browsers list is visible instantly and when users scroll down the page they can find Avant, Flock,…

How Much Time Do We Waste on Badly Designed Apps?

January 27, 2010

Computer load-time, pop-ups, new apps installation, new user interrelations, lack of intuitiveness, search for drivers, frozen system, reboots, etc. – these are just a few of the things that most of us face on daily basis. Dealing with all of these issues takes users up to 30 minutes a day ,according to Telegraph UK, which equals…

Apple’s Rumoured Tablet to Have 3D Interface?

January 5, 2010

Apple has filed a patent , that describes an interface for manipulating “three-dimensional virtual objects” on a touch screen. The technology  may be used in future releases of iPhone or in the rumoured Apple tablet (iSlate?). I doubt that simply porting existed OS to a 10” touch screen may take “you-know-who’s considerable undivided attention”. Having…

Blog Post. Android Market and Apple’s App Store

Android Market and Apple’s App Store

December 17, 2009

As Android Market has grown to about the 20,000 apps mark, it is interesting to compare two different approaches to user experience. While Apple sets up very strict approval rules in effort to assure only well done and polished apps get through to an end-user, Google doesn’t set any approval process at all. Aesthetics have never…

Mobile Traffic at glance (by AdMob)

November 25, 2009

A few days back, AdMob published a very interesting report on market share of various mobile OS and smartphones. The data suggests that Apple’s dedication to user experience results in  higher apps approval and user adoption rates. The report is a great read but for those that don’t have time here are the highlights: Smartphone…

Blog Post. Windows Mobile 6.5 UI issues and Windows Mobile 7

Windows Mobile 6.5 UI issues and Windows Mobile 7

November 11, 2009

ZDNet reports that Windows Mobile 7 is on track for release to OEMs for testing. It is interesting to see what MS can come up with in the new highly competitive market. Android, Sumsung’s just announced Bada, iPhone OS, Symbian^2 – the first open version of Symbian’s OS. Windows 6.5 was not up-to-speed with the…