How Much Time Do We Waste on Badly Designed Apps?

Computer load-time, pop-ups, new apps installation, new user interrelations, lack of intuitiveness, search for drivers, frozen system, reboots, etc. - are just a few of the things that most of us face on daily basis. Dealing with all of these issues takes users up to 30 minutes a day, according to Telegraph UK, which equals 8 days per year or 400 days in 50 years. That means we spend more than a year of our life dealing with software and hardware problems and suffering from badly designed user interfaces.

According to which conducted the survey, computer problems are "as frustrating for people as being stuck in traffic or losing a wallet". Almost half of the users say that they just want a computer that “works” and would like to avoid “flashy updates” or new features.

Probably half of the frustration can be attributed to hardware issues, driver compatibility, and overall OS stability issues. But the other half is purely in the hands of UI designers. Things like UI inconsistency, badly designed workflows, confusing color schemes, and mystifying error messages - each taking valuable user time and creating a frustrating user experience.

For those who still think they don’t need to employ UX or UI designers,  just think about saving your valuable customers four days a year by simply creating a better interface.