A Few Hints On Amazon's Next-Gen E-Ink Kindle

While the world is anticipating Apple's next step, Amazon is (quietly) improving its Kindle. One of the major complaints is that users need ambient light to read the devices. Now, while I don't doubt that users who love Kindle will do anything for their Kindle, there is something to be said about having to make an extra purchase to make a device optimal; it should be fully usable out of the box. Apparently, Amazon agrees.

According to some sources, Amazon quietly bought a company called Oy Modilis, which is touted as "the world leader in light-guide technology." With Oy in-house, it is in a great position to create a backlit LCD that would negate the need for external reading light. Rumor has it they are using blue-white which is not so harsh on the eyes. Score one for designing for an improved user experience.

Now, with this new feature in tow, Amazon stands to really put some pressure on Apple and Sony. The E-Ink Kindle is slated to make its appearance later this year but we are hoping for leaked pictures of the device's design before that.

So, do you think that this new Kindle will make the expected splash or go out with a whimper?