Google Glass and the Shattering Effects on Technology

This is the first of two posts. First, we cover the positive aspects of Google Glass. Next, the negatives.

Even though smartphones and mini-computers continue to enrich nearly every aspect of our lives, it seems their days of basking in the sunlight could very well be joined with the arrival of the Google Glass Project. Although Google Glasses are scheduled to be available to developers later this year at a cost of $1,500.00, they likely won't be introduced to the private sector until mid-2014. The glasses, which bring visual technological interaction to shattering highs, are sparking quite the controversy all over the world. While some are against this innovative development, the cutting-edge advances in technology that these glasses will provide cannot be denied.

How will the impact of the Google Glass Project bring shattering changes to technology?

There are a number of ways these glasses will impact technology: The educational value is astonishing in itself. Students will be able to actually visualize experiences instead of listening to a lecture or reading a book, which will have a massive impact on the way students view learning. Imagine being able to take a virtual field trip nearly every day, and possibly even from a virtual classroom! Instead of merely learning about the castles in Germany, students will actually be able to explore them. Education isn't the only industry that will experience significant change, however.

A sports professional will soon possess the ability to allow fans to experience the competition with him. Exploration of the ocean can soon become an interactive adventure that takes place from the user's living room. Important meetings can be attended virtually while interacting with the family. Lost? Imagine being able to simply speak a command and learn your exact location.

With the use of Google Glasses, users will be able to not only record every sight, sound, and experience that they encounter, but they will be able to replay these occurrences for themselves and others as well. Imagine being able to possess digital copies of everything you have ever done, or being able to relive entire experiences. Military members who are located overseas will be able to experience the birth of their child. The possibilities are truly unbelievable.

As user interface and user experience designers, we can't wait to see how the playing field changes with the introduction of Google Glass.