4 Ways To Create Better User Experience

One of the four factors of user experience (UX) is content. It is the visual culmination of all the thinking, testing, coding, planning, and designing that goes into a site. Users can decide in a matter of seconds if all of your painstaking effort is worth it which makes engaging them all more important. Here are four tips to create better user experience.

  1. Start with something small – Having a place where people can subscribe to your site and even share your content makes a noticeable difference in creating a more positive user experience. Once that small step is taken, the user has officially given you permission to engage them. So make sure those options are available and easy to find.
  2. Be a storyteller – If your content is just about giving the facts, then users will take what they think they can get and not come back. Creating a story engages the user and heightens the user experience; instead of being told, they are being guided
  3. Give fewer choices – If you’re about empowering the user by giving them more choices then this may sound counter-intuitive. The more choices they have, the more time they need to think, the less they act, the more likely they are to become frustrated and leave. More choices equal less choosing. So if you want to establish rapport and create a valuable relationship with the user, give fewer choices.
  4. Evoke emotion – Users come to a site to accomplish something whether it be satisfying curiosity or solving a problem. The user interface can either make the process easy or complicated. Creating an interface that makes it easy for the user to achieve his/her goals makes it more useful and creates positive user experience which evoke positive emotions.

Designing a solution that strikes a healthy, workable balance between user behavior and experience is to know that your content will pass the ultimate test.

When it comes to creating a more engaging user experience, what lessons have you learned?