Aviisha is a Medical Wellness Institution which focuses primarily on Home Health Care. Home Sleep Apnea Testing remains our most significant public offering.

Challenge: Before hiring Rossul Design, our management and support tools, although powerful and efficient programmatically, were painfully lacking in the UI department. All of the UI was thrown together by our programmers on the fly, leaving many interfaces with styling and workflow that were simply impossible to work with.

Solution: Working with Elia [Rossul Design] was a refreshing and pain-free experience. He took informal specs over the phone, spent a few days with his team going over our software, and in less time than it would have taken to spec out our own detailed design to a competing firm, we already had custom, professional pilot designs ready for review. It was obvious the team spent the time to understand our offering and produce a GUI to match our requirements. I must commend their flexibility as well, recognizing we were not in a position to supply a whole lot of specification, but pushing forward confidently and delivering results.

We went from less than 10 active accounts to over 100 in just a few weeks. With the release of the new GUI, our sales channel kicked into overdrive with renewed strength and confidence.