5 Reasons Why Users Can't Complete Their Tasks

Average users can't always complete what they started and leave websites in frustration, never returning again. Why is it happening and what are the main offenders in the UI of those websites?

Here are the top 5 usability problems that caused incomplete or wrongly done tasks:

1. Information Architecture - the user doesn't know where to go and what will happen when they get there.

2. Badly done search - Large percentage of users go to the search box to find what they need. If they can't, they go to another site.

3. Insufficient product info - If the user doesn't have all the information they need about the product, they lose confidence and don't buy.

4. Content too confusing and fluffy - When writing for the web, the content should be very short and to the point. On average, users read just a few words out of a paragraph.

5. Workflow - when the user has found what s/he was looking for, but the content doesn't meet expectations.