Apple Tablet Confirmed by The Wall Street Journal

It is almost certain a new device is going to be unveiled next week. We've heard many name variations such as iSlate and iPad --both are Apple’s registered trademarks-- Apple Tablet, etc. It seems like Apple’s plans are big this time; they aim to re-shape the publishing industry (which is in an apparent crisis) as they once re-shaped the digital music industry with iTunes and iPod. Making it easier for people to access media content for an affordable price has proved to be successful. Here is a short recap of what we know so far:

  • Apple has been discussing with book, magazine and newspaper publishers possible ways of cooperation.
  • NYT Chairman Arthur Sulzberger, when asked about the new devices, said  “stay tuned”.
  • Orange Chief confirms Apple Tablet With Built-In Webcam
  • Apple has been negotiating with TV networks CBS, Walt Disney and ABC for a monthly subscription service.
  • There have been rumors that Apple is going to work with Electronic Arts to position the new device as a gaming platform.
  • The device will have a web camera and be capable of live web streaming
  • Apple has been promoting an idea of backing-up users music online and accessing it on an connected device. This also supports the recent Lava acquisition. Its technology may very well find its way to iTunes 10.
  • Apple’s new $1 billion data centre in North Carolina is under construction. MobileMe will most probably have a major upgrade, possibly the “Mobile iTunes” version, and as the name suggests, possibly other things related to “Me”. has obtained what it says may be a video of the long-rumored Apple tablet.

Last year, Apple’s focus shifted from computer production to content delivery. The turning point was dropping “Computers” from the company name. Since then their devices are just one unified platform that makes it easy to delivery content to end user. And this strategy pays off very well.