Useful text editing shortcuts (Mac OS X)

I came across a few useful text editing shortcuts for Mac OS X @ – a site dedicated to all kinds of applications/os syntax…

Editing Text (email, TextEdit, Pages, etc)
⌥ ← Move one word left
⌥ → Move one word right
⌘ ← Beginning of line
⌘ → End of line

Scroll one page up (cursor retains position)
Scroll one page down (cursor retains position)

Move one page up (reposition cursor)

Move one page down
⌘ ↑ or

Scroll to beginning of document
⌘ ↓ or

Scroll to end of document
Add shift key ⇧, to the above to also SELECT the text.

⌥ ⌫ Delete word
⌥ Del Delete the next word

⌥ Scrollbar Jump to the exact scrollbar location
⌥ Scrollbar arrows Scroll one page at a time (page up/down)
⌥ Volume up/down Open Sound preferences
⌥ Brightness up/down Open Display preferences