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Blog Post. Redesigning A Revolutionary School App

Redesigning A Revolutionary School App

May 16, 2013

We’ve had the great pleasure in working with LiveSchool. LiveSchool is an app for schools and teachers that truly revolutionizes the way that classes are managed. Imagine being in grade school, and having your school performance monitored and tracked? Everything from how many times a student raised their hand, how long they’ve been on a…

Blog Post. The Importance of User Interface Design For Employees

The Importance of User Interface Design For Employees

April 30, 2013

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are fully aware that without a proper website and easy-to-use applications, it is practically impossible to remain competitive in today’s day and age. A lot of importance is being placed on the need to compete with other businesses so that consumers are encouraged to check out the firm’s website and/or…

5 User Interface Design Features That Need To Stop

April 25, 2013

When designing a user interface, it is important to create a good end user experience. In fact, some features that are popular can be a real annoyance to your visitors. In this article, we will cover 5 user interface design features that are commonly seen online that provide a horrible user experience. 1. CAPTCHA As…

The PC is still alive, and Windows 8 hasn’t killed anything

April 12, 2013

This week seems to be a hatefest towards Windows 8 and the PC. GigaOM has a post titled “The PC market is a horror show right now”, CBC reported that “PC sales plunge as Windows 8 flops”, and finally, there is a post on The Motley Fool that chimes in “Microsoft’s Windows 8 has failed,…

Function vs. Design

March 27, 2013

We came across a great quote recently on an old blog post: “If you can give me an application that can accurately predict tomorrow’s stock market, I’ll put up with the grossest usability issues, even a command line interface. On the other hand, if you give me an application that tells me what already happened…

The Author of Future Technology - Hollywood

March 18, 2013

“Wow!”, “That’s amazing”, “I’d love to have it”, “Wish this was true” – That is the astonishment Hollywood movies present. It leaves us wondering, “will this really happen one day?” Hollywood is the leading hub for all kinds of acts. It is a place where you meet world-famous actors and actresses, portraying their power of…

5 Considerations Surrounding Mobile App Development: iOS vs. Android

February 28, 2013

Do we understand the challenges that many have when it comes to deciding which platform you should be developing your app on, iOS or Android? There is never a simple answer. Additionally, considerations surrounding user interface design and user experience should also be made. Here are 5 (of many) considerations that you can look at…

Google Glass and the Shattering Effects on Technology

February 25, 2013

This is the first of two posts. First, we cover the positive aspects of Google Glass. Next, the negatives. Even though smartphones and mini-computers continue to enrich nearly every aspect of our lives, it seems their days of basking in the sunlight could very well be joined with the arrival of the Google Glass Project….

5 Lessons That Super Mario Bros. Teaches Designers About Inclusive Design

April 11, 2012

One aspect of making any design great is making it inclusive. Inclusive Design embraces the notion that one doesn’t size fits all and it doesn’t have to; there’s plenty of room for everyone at the table. But the question is, how do we design the table? Over the years, the technology available has grown by…

A Few Hints On Amazon's Next-Gen E-Ink Kindle

April 9, 2012

While the world is anticipating Apple’s next step, Amazon is (quietly) improving its Kindle. One of the major complaints is that users need ambient light to read the devices. Now, while I don’t doubt that users who love Kindle will do anything for their Kindle, there is something to be said about having to make…