Blog Post. Sustainable UX Design

Sustainable UX Design

July 3, 2019

The Internet’s Carbon Footprint As of April 2019, the internet has collected nearly 4.4 billion users, a number that will only expand as internet access reaches remote and rural communities in developing countries.   The internet is a wonderful thing, a systematic, complex, and ever-expanding network that transformed modern life through a digital platform that connects…

Blog Post. Jony Ive: the End of an Era

Jony Ive: the End of an Era

June 28, 2019

It is a sad day for Apple fans all around. The announcement of Jony Ive’s departure from the company after 27 years, has left many worried about what this means for the future of Apple. Marking the end of the Steve Jobs era,  Jony Ive will be moving on and opening up his own design…

Blog Post. ROSSUL Brings a Unique Experience to Your Business

ROSSUL Brings a Unique Experience to Your Business

June 18, 2019

According to a new study, a mere 10% increase in customer experience can translate into $1 billion in revenue. Therefore, a complete transformation of your business’ user experience/user interface (UX/UI) would propel your business far beyond any of your competitors. A number of our clients have left us reviews on Clutch, a B2B review firm…

Blog Post. 3 Tips for Overcoming UX Design Challenges During Product Development

3 Tips for Overcoming UX Design Challenges During Product Development

June 12, 2019

Designing a new product for unknown users can present an array of UX and UI design challenges. It can be difficult designing a product that will meet a user’s needs and wants and deliver a seamless experience, fortunately, this can be overcome by allocating time to really sit down and understand your user base. Below…

Blog Post. Apple's New Mac Pro is Both Amazing and Unaffordable.

Apple's New Mac Pro is Both Amazing and Unaffordable.

June 6, 2019

Apple’s WWDC 2019, held this past Monday, brought many exciting announcements, including a new and updated IOS version, a Sign In With Apple option for third-party apps and MacOS Catalina, among many more. The real focus of the conference, however, was the unveiling of the new Mac Pro (and its accompanying accessories), which left many…

Blog Post. Human-centered Design

Human-centered Design

May 29, 2019

Human-centered design, also known as empathetic design, places the end user at the core of the design throughout the entirety of the development process. The focus is to create a product that will resonate with users and foster a connection that will keep users satisfied and emotionally invested in the product. Human-centered design is an…

Blog Post. The (Mis)information Age

The (Mis)information Age

May 8, 2019

Conspiracy on the Rise The internet era has lead to an explosion of knowledge and information that is easily accessible to the public. IBM estimates that nearly 90% of all of the world’s data has been created within the past two years. However, the growing amount of consumable online information may not be a good…

Blog Post. The Future of Facebook

The Future of Facebook

May 3, 2019

The F8 Conference which took place on April 30th, 2019 featured Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow colleagues unveil plans for Facebook’s future. Privacy Focused According to Zuckerberg, the future of Facebook rests on six basic principles: private interactions, encryption, reduced permanence, safety, interoperability, secure data storage. Historically, Facebook has failed to uphold these values time…

Blog Post. ROSSUL is Named Clutch 2018 Global Leader!

ROSSUL is Named Clutch 2018 Global Leader!

February 27, 2019

We’re proud to announce that ROSSUL was named as a Clutch 2018 Global Leader! This year and in years past, ROSSUL has been featured as a leading UX design agency both globally and in Canada. ROSSUL, founded by Elia Kanaki in 2003, has spent over 15 years perfecting the craft of user experience design. We…

Blog Post. Time-Saving Design and How it Works

Time-Saving Design and How it Works

August 23, 2018

What is a Time-Saving Design? Time Saving Design is a rising UX design trend that has been gaining popularity within the past couple of years. These design principles aim to provide users with only the most relevant information in a way that ensures as little time is wasted as possible. Content is prioritized first and…