Blog Post. Design Systems: How to Make Sure Yours is Realistic for Your Organization

Design Systems: How to Make Sure Yours is Realistic for Your Organization

January 14, 2021

What is a Design System Design systems have many definitions, but in the simplest terms, it is a set of deliverables that are composed of both tangible and intangible elements. Tangible: patterns, components, tools for designers and developers, style guidelines. Non-tangible: brand value, mindset, shared values and beliefs. The point of a design system is…

Blog Post. Marketing Cannot Save Your App. Good UX Can.

Marketing Cannot Save Your App. Good UX Can.

December 30, 2020

Digital technology is developing at an unprecedented pace, causing shifts in the consumer market. The goal of marketing is to create brand awareness and drive conversions, also known as getting an active consumer base. This is achieved through a variety of marketing strategies, including social media posts, blogging, marketing campaigns, events, packaging, etc. Whereas in…

Blog Post. ROSSUL Becomes a Clutch Global Award Winner

ROSSUL Becomes a Clutch Global Award Winner

With the way technology is currently trending, it looks like it will focus more on being consumer-centric. Everything from media, websites, to apps will be created to the benefit of the customer. That means the success of your business will rely on how simple, intuitive and efficient your product is. This is where ROSSUL’s expertise…

Blog Post. Best UX Design Schools 2020

Best UX Design Schools 2020

July 30, 2020

The field of User Experience (UX) design is constantly growing and evolving, and with it are the possible post-secondary and higher education options for future UX designers. We wrote about the best UX design schools back in 2018, and now we will be providing an updated list with the best options for UX students. User…

Blog Post. Accessibility Standards in Canada

Accessibility Standards in Canada

July 10, 2020

One in five Canadians (22%) over the age of 15 live with a disability. As people with disabilities often face an increased level of discrimination than the able-bodied population, legislations have been put in place to ensure that the fundamental rights of those with disabilities are both enforced and protected on a federal level. However,…

Blog Post. Enterprise UX

Enterprise UX

July 6, 2020

Enterprise UX vastly differs from consumer UX, with its own unique challenges and problems that designers must navigate. Designers must often deal with large (and occasionally poorly coordinated) bureaucracies and companies, old software systems, and design constraints. However, these challenges can get designers to step out of their comfort zone while learning to provide efficient…

Blog Post. Multilingual Applications

Multilingual Applications

June 9, 2020

Multilingual websites and applications are growing in importance as a result of globalization and access to international markets. Further, many countries have more than one official language, such as Canada which is home to both French and English. However, designing multilingual applications can create unique challenges for designers, which is why we have included a…

Blog Post. The Need for Good UX in the Healthcare Sector

The Need for Good UX in the Healthcare Sector

May 20, 2020

The healthcare industry is nearly 10 years behind other industries when it comes to the sophistication of their information systems. Although we often assume that the healthcare industry is a site of constant new technological innovations and advancements, the reality is that implementing and testing out new technologies and systems is rather tricky, as we…

Blog Post. 2020 Mobile UX Trends

2020 Mobile UX Trends

May 11, 2020

We looked at the top mobile UX design trends back in 2018, and while some trends such as colourful designs, animation, and emotional design, have continued to be just as prevalent as they were two years ago, new trends have also gained popularity. Below we will take a closer look at the new trends that…

Blog Post. 2020 Web Design Trends

2020 Web Design Trends

May 3, 2020

The last time we looked at the top UX web design trends was back in 2018, and in these past two years we have seen many UX trends come and go, thus a 2020 update was long overdue. We scanned the most prominent trends to get an understanding of what we can expect to see…