A Strategic Approach to Improve

ROI of Enterprise Software UX/UI Design

A hands-on UX/UI guide for enterprise software development teams, making the business case, what goes into building a strategy for project success and how to calculate the ROI of your next UX project.

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A Strategic Approach to Improve

How to Choose a UX Partner

Very few organizations have the in-house capabilities to do a UX/UI redesign right. Your choice of a partner is one that will have a critical impact on the success of your upcoming project.

Have They Worked Across a Wide Variety of Industries?

Does the UX firm have experience in your industry and understand your market? This experience, as well as a track record in other verticals, can be invaluable. Or, at the least, do they have case studies that either directly relate or partially relate to your UX challenge? While some UX design companies may not have encountered your exact problem but they may have knowledge and expertise in solving similar UX issues.

For example, unlike many traditional UX and UI design firms, ROSSUL boasts experience in many business sectors, including:

  • IT
Do They Have a Proven Methodology?

Do They Have a Proven Methodology?

Look for a UX design agency that has developed a process to help you achieve your project’s goals and meet end-user needs. This should include a thorough review of all aspects of an app, including user backgrounds and expectations. This enables the UX vendor to create a user experience strategy, and get a better idea about how users will interact with the app, as well as what environment they’ll use it in. Expect the UX agency to ask plenty of questions in order to design blueprints, workflows and user personas that fit your app's UX needs.

ROSSUL practices User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology which involves treating the user as a stakeholder throughout the creation process, and ensuring that your mobile and website apps are both usable and useful. UCD is an iterative design process focusing on the end-users and their needs in each phase of the design process. It takes into consideration who will use the application, what they’ll use it for, and the environment or context in which they will use it. This ensures that the applications are more likely to meet users’ expectations and requirements, resulting in increased sales and lower costs incurred by customer help services. Read more about our UCD methodology.

Do You Have Access to Both Management and the Designers/Developers During the Proposal Stage?

Do You Have Access to Both Management and the Designers/Developers During the Proposal Stage?

If you are only dealing with the sales team or a business development manager, there may be a disconnect between your project and the needed solution. While the salesperson may have a great deal of experience, they do not have the UX training and the day-to-day problem-solving skills that management and designers/developers bring to the table.

At ROSSUL, you get our full attention. We are a hands-on design firm, with outstanding expertise and bench-strength. This allows us to focus on end-user need in our clients’ projects. We give our clients the ability to work directly with the designer or developer. This translates into a more fluid UX and a much healthier ROI. Meet our team and learn more about ROSSUL.

Do They Have a Track Record of Being Able to Easily Integrate Into Internal, Agile Teams?

Do They Have a Track Record of Being Able to Easily Integrate Into Internal, Agile Teams?

Not only does your potential UX vendor need to have a dynamic team that works together well, they also need to be able to easily embed themselves into your team and your UX project. If your team works in an Agile environment, the UX firm needs to be able to integrate their process into your sprints. Their process must take change into account and be flexible.

The ROSSUL team is expert at integrating into Agile-led teams working on enterprise-class software development. We are an Agile company, and are structured like a software company.

See our portfolio to see some of the companies we’ve helped along the way.

How Can Rossul Help Your Business?

At ROSSUL, we specialize in proactive, evidence-based UX and UI design, primarily for enterprise-class web applications. Working closely with our clients, we take the time to understand what their users want and what their industry demands. We ask about the pain points and then come up with a solution.

With more than 15 years of experience in creating highly usable and intuitive designs, we apply our expertise to create a high-quality user interface and user experience that will maintain the integrity of your brand and current marketing strategy.

We can help improve the usability and usefulness of your applications, creating an optimal user experience for your clients. Our extensive research and testing of our projects makes us one of the top of UX design firms in North America.

At ROSSUL, we work hard to create designs that work effectively for all mobile devices as well as desktops. Our User-Centered Design (UCD) concept ensures your online content is both usable and worthwhile for your customers — no matter which market you are in or are looking to enter.

Because so few businesses offer the capabilities to conduct a proper UX and UI redesign effectively, partnering with a company that understands the complexity of the process is important in the success of your digital project. For that reason, we work closely with our clients and take the time to learn what their business demands are and how their users interact with them.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It...

“ROSSUL’s attention to even the smallest details, coupled with a critical eye towards UX and UI, resulted in a comprehensive 60-page prototype, which we were able to use to immediately start socializing the new software, while at the same time our developers followed the prototype to bring the software to production. I would highly recommend Elia and his team, they really “get” UI and UX, and won’t compromise on their approach, ensuring you get the best possible solution.” Dave Millier, CEO, Sentry Metrics
“The most important KPIs are bounce rate and time spent on site. Our bounce rate has decreased from 46% to 35%, which is great. Time spent on site has doubled. The conversion rate has gone up as well. We're really excited by these early results. Every metric we’ve seen so far has been impressive.” SEO Specialist, Travel Insurance Company
“We went from less than 10 active accounts to over 100 in just a few weeks. With the release of the new GUI, our sales channel kicked into overdrive with renewed strength and confidence.” Leor Sidis, CTO & Special Projects Manager, Aviisha
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