Insurance Claim Management Web & Mobile Application

Challenge Create a first-class experience for claim and risk managers on an incident-based claim management system.

Logo & Branding

As part of the overall design process, one of the first jobs of the project was to develop a logo and brand for the application. The core idea behind the new product logo is that it should be a reflection of the company’s purpose and business values. The app should bring an experience to its users that is unique, memorable, recognizable, and easy to find on your phone or desktop apps array. The combination, or the “C” letter with the carefully crafted cloud image, make a perfect logo that can be scaled up and down without losing its shape. 
User Engagement

Highly Usable Interface

We designed a clean, updated look that decreases clutter and information overload to allow users focus on their primary task. The dashboard provides fully editable data visualization to assist in claim analysis and display a high-level view of the user’s claims.

User Engagement

Easily Scannable

We had to ensure that the user expectations were clearly reflected in the design to help users adapt to the new application as smoothly as possible. By using bright notification badges, clear spacing, and distinct icons we were able to communicate incident activity. This allowed claim managers to easily scan their claims and prioritize their work.

User Engagement

Task-Oriented Design

Highly efficient design allows users to be more efficient in their work. By learning the duties and goals of claim managers, we were able to create a system that is firmly rooted in the workflows they use on a regular basis. In order to simplify complex tasks and minimize repetitive steps, we ensured that different incident types are colour-indicated for an additional level of communication within the interface.

User Engagement