Health Care Ward Board Web Application

Challenge Update Toughtwire’s hospital Ward Board UI to provide a modular design customizable based on ward needs and display more data without sacrificing clarity.

Form For Function

We carefully selected a narrow font that allows us to show more data. We paired this with a sober colour palette that makes gently highlighted data highly visible. Colouring alternate rows makes highlights and data more visible and easier to scan, which is very important to our clients in such a fast-paced and distracting environment.

User Engagement

Professional UI

Hospitals require precision from their users and we designed a colour palette to highlight data which users need to be aware of while they are working. Applying bright colours to draw the eye ensures that important information is recognized instantly.

User Engagement

Multi-User Interface

With multiple users using the ward board to complete tasks simultaneously, we needed to make live edits as un-intrusive to the overall interface as possible. Minimizing the impact of live edits allows all users to continue with their tasks with limited interruption.

User Engagement