Enterprise Compliance Management Web Application

Challenge UX and UI redesign of SentryMetrics in order to improve the user experience, streamline workflows, and enhance the visual interface.

Effective Dashboard Empowers Users

We designed a visualized and simplified presentation of real-time information for a highly secure environment to empower users to make educated and intelligent business decisions quickly.

User Engagement

Efficient Workflow Design

Good workflow design allows users to complete their daily tasks easily without irritating distractions. Users who rely on applications for work do not have the choice to abandon tasks. We designed smooth workflows that decreased errors and support time to make users more productive.

User Engagement

Clear Visual Design

We applied colour to show the current system status for users to quickly surmise the state with just a glance at the screen. In a security environment, a minimalistic design removes the clutter that could prevent users from making the best decisions.

User Engagement