Student Performance Tracker Mobile Application

Challenge To provide the GUI for a new version of a breakthrough app for teachers and schools.

Highly Optimized Workflows

By analyzing the endless distractions teachers face, we determined that the workflows needed to be highly effective. The tool, which helps teachers manage their students, had to be exceedingly easy to use. This was important because a teacher’s attention needs to be primarily on their students, so the app needed to be very straightforward and not requiring excessive concentration. We simplified the workflows as much as possible, making sure that any function that may be needed while in a classroom setting is just a touch away.

User Engagement

Minimal Learning Curve

We had to make sure that users would not require the use of a manual and could instead just use the app immediately. We capitalized on the existing user mental models and familiarity with the previous version of the app, along with user expectations to achieve the desired result.

User Engagement

No Distractions

We took away any features that users would not use at any given moment. That allowed us to make the UI clean, simple, and easy-to-use. A teacher no longer needs to spend even a fraction of a second filtering unnecessary data on a screen, as all distractions are taken away by the app.

User Engagement

Fully Accessible to All

No one should be left behind. Regardless of who is interacting with the app, we needed to ensure that those with disabilities and visual impairments can enjoy the same user experience. We tested the UI against various visual anomalies making sure it is fully usable and accessible in all cases.

User Engagement

What our Clients Say

We searched far and wide for a group that had the right mix of expertise in user experience and interface design. I feel lucky to have found Rossul. Their process is both collaborative and efficient, and we are extremely satisfied with the end product. I would highly recommend Rossul to other start-ups that are staking their growth on an excellent user experience. − Matthew Rubinstein, CEO, LiveSchool