Digital Imaging Patient Manager Web Application

Challenge Update the User Interface for Viztek’s powerful suite of digital radiology tools – the most advanced patient database, communications, and imaging system on the market today.

Managing Data Made Simple

We started with a page-by-page review of the current product in order to gain a better understanding of how the current data is structured, organized and its correspondence to the essential user priorities. We understood how we could more closely align with users’ thoughts and expectations and leverage on the existing mental models of Viztek customers.

User Engagement

Environment Aware UI

Colours and other visual elements substantially contribute to the impressions users get when interacting with an application. The monochromatic colour palette has been chosen to emphasize system functionality and compliment Viztek’s brand, making it instantly recognizable, while at the same time giving the Web App a contemporary feel.

User Engagement

Convenient and Easy to Maintain

The app’s UI has been developed to make it as easy and convenient as possible for the user. They can now use it to manage existing study data, patients, schedule future appointments, and keep track of all other aspects of running an Imaging Department of a hospital. The new UI offers a higher level of effectiveness, usability, and user experience. Easy expandability which allows users to rapidly add new features and extend the product functionality is exceedingly important for any web application.

User Engagement